Suspect arrested in connection with Rodney’s murder

Dead: Paul Rodney

As police continue their investigation into the murder of 31-year-old Paul Rodney also called Shirts, a Warlock man was arrested on Tuesday evening.

Police acting on information went to a house where the suspect was found with a gunshot wound to one of his legs. From all indications, the suspect might have been shot during the altercation on Monday morning.

New information reaching Inews revealed that the now dead man might have been killed by his own firearm. The firearm is suspected to be illegal.

Dead: Paul Rodney
Dead: Paul Rodney

This online publication understands that Rodney, who is a known character to the police, might have been beaten mercilessly by his attackers during an altercation following an argument over a deal that went sour.

The confrontation started at a party in East La Penitence and ended on Avocado Avenue where Rodney’s body was found with at least seven gunshot injuries.

He reportedly attempted to escape but was shot in his foot and collapsed. It was at this time that his assailants walked up to him and pumped several other bullets to his abdomen and chest. The suspect whose name is yet to be released is assisting with the investigations.



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