Update: Meten-Meer-Zorg fire leaves seven homeless

Homeless: Anita Drupaul. [iNews’ Photo]
  By Kurt Campbell

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Seven persons, including five children are now homeless after fire completely devoured a house they occupied at Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara.

Speaking to iNews, proprietor of the house and mother to the now five homeless children Anita Drupaul related that she was in the lower flat of the building along with the children when she heard her neighbour shouting ‘fire’.

She could not say what the source of the blaze was but indicated that it started in the upper flat of their lot 429 home, in a bedroom.

“When I come from market like quarter to 10, I was down stairs with my children and all I hear my neighbor call for me and say fire, we ran out screaming and that was it, the house just burn like that” she explained, adding that “the house burn really fast, without hesitation it just burn to the ground… we lost everything.”

One of the occupants of the house: Phillip Trotz. [iNews’ Photo]
The sobbing woman, who now owns only the clothing she is wearing, is left to ponder her next move.

Meanwhile the woman’s Husband Phillip Trotz related that “I went in the back dam and I got a message and I come home, I don’t know anything at all.”

While he could not put a figure to his losses, the Farmer noted that it was substantial and would be straining to replace.

Firefighters on the scene of the fire. [iNews' Photo]
Firefighters on the scene of the fire. [iNews’ Photo]
“I got to now see what I have to do to get back a house because I got four little children, I have to see how I can make it, ask for help along the line, at least we can’t be on the road” Trotz said. 



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