Update: Mayhem in Montrose as gunmen shot dead during shootout with Police

Dead gunman: Warren Blue

By Tracey Khan – Drakes


Dead: Warren Blue
Dead: Warren Blue

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Policeman, Warren Blue and his accomplice were killed in a hail of bullets last evening during an armed robbery on the Lahago Supercenter in Montrose, East Coast Demerara.

The owner of the Supermarket, 52 – year – old Latchmie Baburam was shot in the foot and has been admitted to the hospital.

Blue was on the run following the murder of Agricola teen, Shaquille Grant. The other gunman who was also shot and killed by the police is of East Indian descent and is yet to be identified.

Another gunman managed to escape in a Red Carina Car and according to the police $140,000 was stolen from the store. Public spirited citizens who heard the gunshots called the police and according to an eyewitness, while the police were making their way to the scene,  the gunman made good his escape while firing shots to clear his path.

Police recovered two unlicensed .32 Taurus pistols with five rounds along with a number of .32 spent shells. The bodies are at the Lyken Funeral Parlour.

The deadly robbery occurred at approximately 19: 45 hrs when the three men armed with guns stormed the Supercenter and held the woman at gunpoint.

The scene of the robbery. [iNews' Photo]
The scene of the robbery. [iNews’ Photo]
Baburam managed to escape after Blue was shot dead but neither she nor the police were aware that another gunman was hiding inside the store. A large crowd had already gathered in front of the business place when more gunshots were heard, sending onlookers to seek cover.

Businessman: Immat Baburam
Businessman: Immat Baburam

The lawmen managed to corner the unidentified bandit and shot and killed him.

The woman’s husband, Immat Baburam told Reporters that this is the sixth time the business was robbed; however it was not as serious as this instance.

The most recent robbery took place one week before Diwali and the bandits carted off with over $300,000.

“The last time she got beat up and up to now she is still suffering from pains,” the distraught husband told the media.

Dead gunman: Warren Blue
Dead gunman: Warren Blue

Baburam said he and his wife have been operating the business for eight years and he was at another business location when this robbery occurred.


  1. Uuh lie !!!! What the government needs to see who is recruiting young, educated individuals ….. A change from recruits of February 1997 jail break…. Government got to “watch dem”

  2. I hope that the government see who are the criminals ,police and soldiers,they need to be lost away in jail, people have to work hard for their money, and those criminals coming to take it like they gave you to keep it for them,glad that 2was shot dead.


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