Update: GRA succeeds in seizing Lexus vehicles at the center of an alleged $40M tax fraud


[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), has managed to take possession of two Lexus vehicles that are at the center of an alleged $40 million tax fraud involving Kaieteur News Publisher Glen Lall, Commissioner General of the GRA, Khursid Sattaur has confirmed.  

d355a82ab2bf1a6ec3cdd7cab61806c0_MThis comes within 24 hours of GRA Enforcement Officers being involved in a standoff with one of their colleagues, who had refused to hand over the vehicles during an operation last night.

Sattaur told iNews that the move was voluntary on the part of the GRA Officer who had refused access earlier but refused when asked to identify the Officer. 

“I think he has come to his senses or awaken from the slumber he was in,” the GRA Head said; adding that “I act fearlessly and no one can interfere when I act, so the protection he probably thought he would get from higher up he realized he didn’t get it and his day was up… he is now more concerned with if his job is secured.”

According to Sattaur, now that the vehicles are in their custody a full investigation would be carried out.

He described the actions of the Officer that had attempted to protect what could possibly be a major cheat of taxes as abominable, distasteful and an embarrassment.

Earlier in the day, he told iNews that both vehicles are worth approximately US$90,000 each; adding that the GRA would have been cheated some $40 million in taxes.

Reports are that two Lexus vehicles were imported by a couple, who benefited from duty free concessions under the Re – migrant Scheme, but were not in possession of the vehicles which is in breach of a six month reporting period.

iNews learnt that the vehicles were awarded on the condition that it cannot be leased or transferred within three years but instead was in the possession of Lall and his wife.

Sattaur said it was sad to know that it was a GRA officer that prevented the enforcement Officers from entering his premises at Continental Park where the vehicles were said to be.

The GRA Head had warned that no one who tries to cheat the agency will be spared; adding that all legal action will be taken to bring closure to the matter. He said action will be taken against anyone who seeks to bring reprimand to the agency too.




  1. Sat taut an old crook himself no trying to play the game of politics , maybe he needs a little more to top up his pocket, he should look at the figures, do the math right and get the facts then go back to school and see what he comes up with or he should ask accountants like Gaff Sattaur or Naraine for help

  2. for all those bloggers who do not know how much a Lexus cost and applicable taxes, should get an education.
    A souped up Lexus can cost an arm and a leg. Please do not compare it with a cheap vehicle. Taxes on luxury vehicles are also astronomical, depends which country you are in.
    As for those foul mouth, soap is cheap, get some.
    As for those who have axes to grind and their own agenda, get a life.
    You are not fighting for Guyana but for tax cheats fellas.

  3. The record is that the GRA has not said Lall broke any law. It seized the vehicles pending an investigation, whereas the vehicles were in the country for months, which should have been enough time to complete an investigation.

  4. Sattaur cannot go after ‘others’ unless he is so directed. He is a servant of corrupt masters. Now, he is saying the two Lexus vehicles are worth US$90,000 each, but a 2014 GX470 is about US$59,000. The older the model and the higher the mileage, the cheaper the price. Now, if the vehicles are bought in America, the buyer would have paid taxes. Shipping is another cost. It is impossible, therefore, for a re migrant to pay US$200,000 or GY$40m in duty for two pre-owned vehicles when the Chinese have been granted duty free concessions on top of luck in up our logs. Sattaur needs to get a real job and stop playing a political attack dig for his corrupt masters.

  5. The taxman is not above all law but his mandate is not to be challenged.
    Do not get on the wrong side of his collections.
    No one will be able to help.

  6. This is bare bullshit coming from the the Commission, before he being vindictive. No where in this world those Lexus have any 90k US vehicle and post of them Vehicle that people import to Guyana is old crap that is already 6 years old and now new in the Country.

    No wonder why the country will remain poor has dirt, who in their right mind would spend 90k US on a Vehicle and then paid 100K US just on import taxes.

  7. “I act fearlessly and no one can interfere when I act, so the protection he probably thought he would get from higher up he realized he didn’t get it and his day was up… he is now more concerned with if his job is secured,” – Sattaur! THIS MAN REALLY BELIEVES HE IS GOD, BUT SOMEBODY HAS TO REMIND HIM HE IS JUST ANOTHER HUMAN BEING WITH A JOB! NO ONE AND NOTHING LASTS FOREVER!

    Let the records show that Glen Lall did not break any law. As for the GRA, it is home to a boss who is mired in a conflict of interest fiasco with several relatives under his employ in a public corporation that handles the personal and financial information of Guyanese. This is unheard of in any other country, but Guyana is the exception because it is run by a corrupt and vindictive government.

    Bai Shan Lin is supposed to be doing exploratory work but has brought in many pieces of equipment and luxury vehicles DUTY FREE. No company doing exploratory work needs all those DUTY FREE VEHICLES, which means Bai Shan Lin is doing more than exploratory work. The problem for these lowly migrants is that they are Guyanese and not Chinese, because as far as the PPP and GRA are concerned, Chinese take precedence over Guyanese.

    Isn’t Bai Shan Lin building a parking lot on the Lamaha Canal embankment in the Cummingsburg area that will be used by GRA? See the connections?


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