Update: Firefighters battling for over three hours to douse flames at DeSinco Trading


Firefighters have been battling for over three hours to extinguish a fire which erupted at the DeSinco Trading Building located at Sheriff Street, Georgetown.

The blaze has completely destroyed the building which housed the company’s supermarket and its storage unit.

Reports indicate that the fire service took a while to arrive on scene and when it did, there were challenges in accessing water.

After some time had elapsed, the fire service deployed a truck with a telescoping boom-ladder to enable to firemen to tackle the blaze from above.

Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn also arrived on the scene to render support. Benn told reporters that he visited the scene because he saw dark smoke in a distance from his Brickdam Office for over an hour. Minister Benn contended that “there were too many officers here and nobody was in assertive control”.

The Minister noted that from today’s operations, there is need for more/improved training for the firemen.

Additionally, he said businesses ought to put in place fire sprinkler systems.

Meanwhile, losses are said to be in the millions.

The owner of the business, in a brief comment, said he is saddened by the events.