Update: Amazon Warriors to contest outcome of CPL final

FLASHBACK: The Warriors celebrate a after recent win


FLASHBACK: The Warriors celebrate a after recent win
FLASHBACK: The Warriors celebrate a after recent win

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Management of the Guyana Amazon Warriors Team has taken a decision to contest the outcome of the second Caribbean Premier League (CPL) final played between the Amazon Warriors and the Barbados Tridents on August 16 at Warner Park, St Kitts and Nevis.

According to a statement from the management, “This decision was taken following a review of the sequence of events that took place during the game, which started at 16:03h (4:03 p.m.) under overcast conditions.”

“During the Barbados Tridents innings, there were two rain interruptions – one at the end of 7 overs and the other at 11.2 overs. By the end of the Tridents innings of 20 overs, they had scored 152 runs for 6 wickets.

“At the start of the Guyana Amazon Warriors innings, the Duckworth/Lewis calculation sheet was provided as per norm. During the course of the Amazon Warriors innings, rain interrupted the game at 15.5 overs with the Amazon Warriors score at 107 runs for 4 wickets.

“After the rain interruption, the covers were removed, mopping up took place, and the stumps were back in position, with the field and pitch ready for play to resume. This entire process was conducted under the supervision of the Fourth Umpire, who also indicated the restart of the game,” management noted.

According to the press statement, both Match Umpires then went on the field when the stumps were up and subsequently went back off the field without communicating anything to the Guyana Amazon Warriors Team on the position of the game.

“It was clear at that stage that the umpires did not know the new Duckworth/Lewis calculations, which caused a further delay of more than 30 minutes within the stipulated match time.

“At this point, an enquiry was made by the Guyana Amazon Warriors Team Manager with regard to the restart of the game. He was told that information will be provided in two minutes.

“After approximately 10 minutes, with no information forthcoming, the Guyana Amazon Warriors Team Manager again approached the umpires and was told that the game will restart at 20:40h (8:40 p.m.) with the full quota of overs to be bowled.”

It was noted that at that stage, CPL even went on to update the fans via social media that the game will continue in full. This update can be viewed on www.facebook.com/CarnivalT20.

“Suddenly, the Match Umpires at this late stage said that they were consulting with the CPL Technical Committee, which is strange in cricket, since the sole decision makers are the Umpires and the Match Referee.

“At this stage, the Barbados Tridents Captain and Coach were called and advised about the restart of the game at 20:40h (8:40 p.m.), and both the Barbados Captain and Coach objected to the decision.”

The statement noted that further consultations took place between the Umpires, the Match Referee and the CPL Technical Committee.

After a few minutes, the Guyana Amazon Warriors Team was informed by the Match Referee that the match was ended and Barbados was declared winners based on the Duckworth/Lewis calculations.

“It is important to note that the Management of the Guyana Amazon Warriors Team had raised this important issue with CPL officials with regard to the appointment of Umpires and Match Officials for the semi-finals and final of the tournament.

“Another key conflicting matter to take note of is the fact that based on the Match Referee’s Game Breakdown Report, the second innings of the match should have been completed by 19:52h (7:52 p.m.). But when the rain came and stopped play at 19:54h (7:54 p.m.), only 15.5 overs were completed. This demonstrates that there was a slow over rate by the Barbados Tridents and this was not dealt with by the umpires.”

“Subsequent to the biased final match, the Management of Guyana Amazon Warriors wrote CPL specifically with regard to the decision taken at the match and intends to vigorously pursue the arguments outlined above.”



  1. they shoud give give us the fans the rematch and we will be happy with witch team win and no umpires from barbodas and trinidad should be umpiring the if there is a rematch

  2. fuck the Barbados tridents …all the west indies players should beat kieron pollard and kick him out of the west indies team for cheating at the cpl final

  3. CPL needs Neutral Umpires!!! the ones they have seems good but they cheat for the Tridents…Declaring the Tridents the CPL 2014 winners was a shameful and selfish Decision…it’s not always what the the technical team or management wants, sometimes it’s what the FANS WANT!!!

  4. I have read and respect everyone’s opinion. This is cricket and situations varies. However, rules and laws must be respected. If the D/L system declares Tridents as winners, this must be respected. This will never be turn over so wasting valuable time and money is not needed.

  5. they didn’t stop the game and then calculate who would win according to the duckworth-lewis system:the technical committee and others did the calculations first then they stopped the match. what a shame!

  6. Interesting article. I am a Barbados Tridents supporter all de way, but I was disappointed not to finish the 20 over because the match was looking exciting. Now if this is the case in this article. I very upset at the coach and Pollard. If the game could of restart then play the game. I am disappointed.

  7. The management, coaches, team members of the Amazon Warriors, along with the Guyanese populace, should by no means accept this decision taken by “The CPL Technical Committee” to adjudge the Barbados Tridents as being the LCPL T/20 2014 champions.

    This is a blatant act of “MATCH FIXING” and should be dealt with expeditiously in this the embryonic stage of the LCPL T/20. Many questions arise, as to the decision taken to bring to an abrupt end this LCPL T/20 2014 final.

    1. Aren’t the umpires and the match referee the sole authority of a game in process and not any “Technical Committee”?

    2. Wasn’t the fourth umpire’s decision to restart the game had no merit?

    3. After visiting the field, wasn’t it a principled thing to communicate with both captains along with the match referee on your findings, or this was not of any importance?

    4. Was the Amazon Warriors to be penalised for the further delay of “more than 30 minutes” within the stipulated match time, because of the umpires ignorance at that point of the Duckworth/Lewis calculations?

    5. It was plastered across all television screens and social media, that the game will be restarted at 20:38h to be precise. Is this “so-called” Technical Committee trying to insult the intelligence of its viewers/patrons?

    6. Why wasn’t the slow over rate by the Barbados Trident’s not dealt with by the umpires, or was the Amazon Warriors playing against the Barbados Tridents, the umpires and The Technical Committee?

    And there will be many more questions asked.

    Please sirs (Technical Committee) I plead with you, do not cripple this game before it actually takes off by displaying your gross disdain of your valued supporters. This is not the right arena to advertise your childish pranks, tantrums and unproffessionalism. Come on, grow up, act your age.

    To the owners of LCPL T/20….start shopping around for a new “PROFFESSIONAL” Technical Committee, or this one will bring you to your knees.

    Thanking you in anticipation of Professional LCPL T/20 games.

  8. The time factor was very important. So the D&L method should have become effective since the second stoppage of the Tridents inning. Very unprofessional behaviour of the Caribbean Umpires! Both standing umpires should have been neutral.Not good for WI cricket!!

  9. i am in full agreement with your decision hope this is not to appease us supporters but to let them understand that we are not fools.

  10. Somebody fixed it. Haven’t we heard all this before? Protest as much as you like you can’t change a thing. Cricket and corruption go together.


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