Controversy erupts over CPL’s decision not to resume match



Barbados Tridents[] – The decision by officials of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) not to resume play during the finals on Saturday [August 16] between the Guyana Amazon Warriors and the Barbados Tridents is being called into question.

Many believe that the Amazon Warriors were treated unfairly by CPL when they decided to award the Tridents the champion of the CPL via the Duckworth/Lewis system; making it the first time that the Tridents have captured the title.

The Tridents batted first and set the Amazon Warriors a target of 153 to win. A tight finish was in prospect, but a third interruption from the rain saw the CPL officials declaring the Tridents the winners, as they were eight runs ahead on the Duckworth Lewis calculations.

Observers pointed out to iNews that even though the CPL website stated that the game will resume, it obviously never did. The stumps were in the ground for about 30 minutes and there was no rain around. It boggles the mind as to why play never resumed, since Warner Park, where the final was played, has lights.

There are rumors that the officials told the Guyana Amazon Warrior’s Captain, Denesh Ramdin that based on the Duckworth/Lewis method, they needed 30 runs from 12 balls. Ramdin reportedly protested. The officials then reportedly agreed to play the full remaining four overs of the match; however Captain of the Barbados Tridents, Kieron Pollard protested this and said the rules are the rules.

This resulted in a lengthy discussion and the officials eventually decided that they won’t resume play and the Barbados Tridents were declared the winners of LCPL 2014.

While there is no specific owner of the Barbados Tridents, it is being alleged that Digicel sponsored the team. Digicel also plays a major role in the operations of CPL. iNews understands that the Warriors were reluctant to do any interviews during the presentation ceremony. The interviews were eventually conducted. The Barbados Tridents will play in Champions League in India later this year as the Caribbean representative.



  1. I could say that CPL lost alot of Fans. Come on it wasnt a normal match, it was a final match!!! T20 matches are unpredictable.

  2. oh no, again Barbados is the common denominator.
    hello, am not happy with yall.
    Act of God do not care for your rules, ok Keiron?
    Even if you are desperate to move forward by hook or crook.
    I wish most of you people should put more effort to match the past stalwarts of the West Indies team to bring back respect.

  3. Y was 30 mins wasted? Were they waiting for the ground to dry? Was there a “match fixing “meeting between officials? If legal action can be taken, then so be it. Good luck Amazon Warriors.

  4. not only what took place in the board room but poor umpiring also. giving wides when it should not be etc. Barbadian umpire for Barbadian game etc.


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