“Unbeatable, unstoppable, the team of the future”; Nagamootoo boasts of APNU/AFC Lists of Candidates

APNU/AFC Prime Ministerial Candidate Moses Nagamootoo

By Jomo Paul


APNU/AFC Prime Ministerial Candidate Moses Nagamootoo
APNU/AFC Prime Ministerial Candidate Moses Nagamootoo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Prime Ministerial Candidate of A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Moses Nagamootoo has boasted of the capacity and quality of APNU/AFC’s Lists of Candidates for the May 11 elections dubbing the lists “unbeatable.”

Nagamootoo speaking at an Opposition post Nomination rally at Parade Ground, Georgetown said that the list has been fully endorsed by both sides of the coalition and the Guyanese people who have entrusted APNU/AFC with the responsibility of leading Guyana forward.

“We have put together an unbeatable team, an unstoppable team, the team of the future, the team that will secure Guyana,” said Nagamootoo to a loud burst of cheer and applause.

Nagamootoo said that with the present Lists of Candidates, APNU/AFC intends to “remove the old corrupt (PPP) party and replace it with a party that will transition power to our young people.”

He pointed out that while persons have dubbed the May 11 polls as the ‘mother of all elections’ he does not believe this is the case but rather, it is the opposite.

“This election is about the baby; the child of a new Guyana…we have had elections before that has given us hope but we have never had an election that gave us Unity,” the Prime Ministerial Candidate maintained.

Meanwhile, Presidential Candidate David Granger told the crowd that an APNU/AFC government will put

APNU/AFC Presidential Candidate David Granger
APNU/AFC Presidential Candidate David Granger

women’s issues on the front burner.

He urged that the electorate “vote out of office the party that has degraded women in this country.”

 “We are going to bring…an APNU/AFC administration which will put at the head of its agenda the protection of women…We have to learn to love and protect our women….let us put women at the head…unless we put our women at the head we do not have a future,” Granger posited.



  1. looks like apartheid is well and alive in Guyana 2015 ,guess the other 4 races already fall to genocide by the ppp .they are being ignored ,The other 4 races are the ones who want to coexist after all is done

  2. Hey Nagamootoo, How many AFC members are on the PNC list? Normally you guys would rob your own AFC members and when they talk you disfigure them. Your hubby claimed to love our women and to put them at the head while at the same time destroying them. You all disfigure the lawyer face because she speak against you and Trotman, but you didn’t try to kill Asquit Rose and Tarron Khemraj and so many others that run away from the AFC and is now with the PPP.

  3. Cut out women head or put women at the head?
    Love and protect our women by raping and murdering them?
    During Ethnic cleansing by the PNC and their then police and soldiers, The PNC were literally raping our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters out of love for our women. Out of love for women, Granger used Vanessa Kissoon and many other women to storm and molest PPP members then abandoned them, that’s putting them at the head right Mr. Hawkeye ?? Stripping a young unmarried PPP Indian girl in public during election is putting women at the head ?

  4. poor poor poor nagamoottoo never in his life got this much attention and the love he so seek from birth to while he grew up in ppp..poor nagamoottoo is so blinded by his 12 minutes of fame that he refused to notice he is talking the same thing to the same people over and over and over..same people at linden..same people at whim..same people at essiquibo..same people nomination day..in plain and simple language..the same 30 percent pnc supporters being bussed around guyana for pnc rallies..guyanese still waiting on nagamoottoo to deliver that promised 11 pound indian baby –oh heck..slip of my fingers on the keyboard–should read..nagamoottoo to deliver to his pnc husband granger that 11% indian votes..nagamoottoo should go it alone in some ppp strongholds to see if he can deliver that go-dee he fetching for pnc granger..

  5. Unstoppable in crookedness is more like it.
    Seems like we have the Cain of Tain who will sacrifice his brother Abel.
    The Abel’s of Tain must throw all Tootoos out in da rain.
    Do not be hoodwinked by an opportunist who knows no bounds.
    One fool make many.

  6. The PNC had to remove Dr Faith Harding by all means as it seems.
    Is this how Mr Granger will put women in front.
    With only 666 it took four hours to count, count and count again.
    So Mr Granger won…yaaay, he beat out the woman.
    She passed away Mr Granger and I am sure she would have had something to say about your hypocricy.
    Water under bridge, what da heck, statistics, next!
    Why did Ms Selman left Mr Granger?
    Perhaps you need to jump in your car, drive to Linden and have a man to woman
    conversation with Ms Vanessa.


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