iNews Guyana describes the epitome of fair, balanced and accurate journalism – MMU


By Tracey Khan-Drakes


1069932_535855689814065_1260056341_n[] – Online news entity iNews Guyana has come in for high praise from the Media Mentoring Unit (MMU) in its first report of elections coverage for the upcoming May 11, E-Day.

The report from the MMU was released on Tuesday April 07 and classified the online news entity’s reports as fair, balanced and accurate.

While the majority of media houses have come in for criticisms from the unit, iNews, “encouragingly, in the midst of the disappointing scenario that we’ve articulated as it relates to the current state of the media in the country, there was one bright spot that buoyed the spirit and which is worthy of mention. The on-line news website, iNews, for us, showed the way forward in the execution of fair, balanced and accurate journalism.”

The news outfit which has only been in existence for the past three years has raised the bar in media reporting that others should emulate, the MMU report added.

“The website has set standards in news reporting that sections of the print and broadcast media may do well to emulate. It provided news that was not tainted by any discernible political bias, was factual, and non-opinionated.”

Meanwhile, the Unit noted that the, “lack of balance in news reports was trendy, in vogue, and compelled the Unit’s attention because of its pervasiveness in both the broadcast and print media during this first month of our monitoring regimen.”

The report in its general synopsis added that, “we got the distinct impression that balanced reporting has become the nemesis of our media corps…the evidence abounds that there is negligible, if indeed any attempt being made by media houses to achieve balance in their news reporting to the public.”

The more serious infringements that were committed by media houses that were also highlighted in the report includes, “peddling of unsubstantiated information, misrepresentation/distortion of facts, and publication/airing of language that was inflammatory, racially divisive/inciting.”



  1. ok ok so u won the oscar..what next? what i would love to see all news media do is something so simple..lets say A came to u and A said so and so about B and how B is corrupt and B is a teef…arite..u take A words for it…Y u take A words for it and print it without verification over and over to ensure accuracy ? Its because U know A personally..Or U trust A with your life that U have to pay to get the info U seeking..What all media should do is simple>>>>just dont prtin what A tells you…or what info U paid A for on B…Grab a hold of B to get B side of the story then go to print and print both what A and B said at the same time..let readers be the judge on A and B who is telling the truth and who lying…Dont print what A tell you on a Monday and wait till 2 or 3 weeks after U get hold of B then print B side..U have to make every effort to get hold of B to get B side..If U cant within 72 hours then U print what A told you to draw out B from hiding if B was indeed dodging U…Again..A comes to U and say oh meh gaawd lawwd how PPP minister corrupt and is a teef…Dont print that…U must have enough guts to ask A—bring the proof of corrupting and theft…when u get it then u print it..and those anonymous source…paid source…no problem with those since u have to pay them big bucks to get the scoop..but trust then verify then very then verify again before print..
    I saw Bernie Shaw of CNN::When Regan was shot, his boss wanted him to break the news that Regan died and he said to his boss at CNN—verify it then I will announce it for the world…Well all knew how Regan died many many years after and not by gun shot..Bernie is highly respected..Again it was Bernie that exposed and American lie..when it said Sadam Hussein troops that invade Kuwait and were throwing babies out of incubators to steal those incubators….lies..totally..not a single baby was thrown from a single incubator…It was the Kuwaitie ambassador to US or UN daughter was coached to testify in front of US congress..without Bernie no one would know this lie. ..keep up the good work u guys do here and dont be like KN and SN…give your readers both sides of the issue and let us decide..never allow media owners and journalists opinions to be the news..thanks


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