Jagdeo, Jaipaul Sharma & local print media cited for media conduct breaches

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo
Former President Bharrat Jagdeo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President Bharrat Jagdeo was among the list of persons that were cited by the Media Monitoring Unit (MMU) for breaching the code of conduct in a manner that amounted to racial division.

The MMU in its first report since it began operations said that Jagdoe’s comments at Babu John which had sparked outrage in sections of society were reviewed.

At Babu John, Jagdeo had said “they shout about racism of the PPP, but they practise racism. They whisper campaigns. In the last elections they went to some of the Afro- Guyanese villages and beat some drums at 6 O’clock in the morning and say let us throw out these coolie people. Get up, go out and vote, throw out the coolie people. That’s the kind of language they use. Anybody from our party who uses that sort of language, we will kick them out. This is our approach.”

“The Unit verily concluded that the remarks made by Dr. Jagdeo were racially divisive (probably, not intentionally), and should have been edited by all sections of the media that broadcast or printed the remarks verbatim.”

Meanwhile, the MMU in its report pointed out, the Voice of the People program aired on CNS Channel 6 which was cited

Jailpaul Sharma
Jailpaul Sharma

for the “unrestrained use of inflammatory language. Jaipual Sharma in his Voice of the People Programme, according to the MMU during a show entertained calls which amounted to some form of hostility.

“The MMU is very much concerned about some comments aired on the live call-in segment of the Voice Of The People program, broadcast on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 and hosted by Mr. Jaipaul Sharma,” the report noted.

The comments noted were those of two callers one of which said “…I want them to know Mr. Sharma we are prepared for them, we are ex-soldiers and we will prepare for them…” and the other “…If the East Indian people pay attention to the arrogance of Bharrat Jagdeo, Ramotar,  and these people they would ketch sense. I join with the other caller that say we are ex-soldiers, we are ready for them, we waiting on them, you understand. This election will not be like the last few elections in Guyana. We waiting on them Mr. Sharma…”

Across in the local print media, “citations were the order of the day for the Guyana Chronicle Newspaper for the publication of two (2) editorials that were blatantly inflammatory, and a letter that was deemed racially divisive; the Guyana Times Newspaper for publishing an article that was inflammatory and a distortion of facts; and, the Kaieteur News Newspaper, for the publication of an article that was racially divisive and distorted.”



  1. I believe Guyanese should be smarter now than we used to be,so,be smart be wise,don`t jeopardize your life,it depends on the progress that will be realized even-

  2. sn and kn and inews and dem waves does only follow the words of the bible…they dont breach nothing ever…especially kn…they at kn more holier than thou..thats y their boss man said his news paper is number one it guyana becase trash sells..beat the corruption drum every minute of the day without facts and dont give a ras who they tarnished in the process …its sells..if media owners used to be jailed for peddling lies it would be a total different animal..news paper owners and journalists opinions are news in guyana these days..


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