UK donates 84,800 AstraZeneca doses to Guyana


The United Kingdom will be donating 84,800 AstraZeneca doses to Guyana to double its vaccination efforts and help further protect the population against the novel coronavirus disease.

The bilateral agreement between the UK and Guyana was signed by High Commissioner Jane Miller and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health Mr. Malcolm Watkins.

Miller said that the UK is proud to be supporting the expansion of Guyana’s Covid-19 vaccine programme. She also congratulated the Government of Guyana for its determined efforts on the rollout of this important vaccination and has encouraged everyone to get evidence based information on the Covid-19 vaccine, get vaccinated and encourage all their friends and family to be vaccinated.

The 84,800 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine will be arriving in Guyana on August, 2 2021.