UG unions say VC’s lawsuit is “malicious, vindictive”



UG[] – The University of Guyana Workers Union (UGWU) and Senior Staff Association (UGSSA) are of the view that the recent lawsuit by the Vice Chancellor Professor Jacob Opadeyi against UGSSA President Melissa Ifill is a personal attack on the trade unionist.

Opadeyi has already secured an interim injunction against Dr. Ifill over some remarks she made about him and is seeking over $10M in damages over a statement released by Ifill on the 23rd day of June, 2015.

In a statement to the media on Wednesday July , the Unions pointed out that Opadeyi only named Dr Ifill in the lawsuit when she was acting in behalf of the UGWU and the UGSS,

“This private action by the VC that specifically names the UGSSA President is a signature action by Professor Opadeyi in the sense of being ad hominen, malicious and vindictive and confirms the rationale for the issuance of the Petition of No Confidence,” the statement noted.

UG Vice Chancellor; Professor Jacob Opadeyi
UG Vice Chancellor; Professor Jacob Opadeyi

According to the release, the Unions find it unprecedented and most unhelpful that the Vice Chancellor sought recourse to the law against the President of one of our two unions notwithstanding Section 7 (1) of the Trades Union Act, which states that unions, or their members or officers, cannot be sued for actions on behalf of their union.
“We see this suit as an attack on all staff and the Unions. It is an attempt to bully and intimidate and will be legally and vigorously defended. We are convinced that this will only serve to exacerbate an already unhealthy atmosphere at the University of Guyana,” the release stated.





  1. Like every other citizen in this country, Professor Opadeyi has a right to recourse to the courts if he feels he is being slandered/ libeled. Let the courts decide on the merit of the case. Rohit Parmanand , you should not be getting into arguments of this nature as your language is very poor .Besides , you only seem to be contradicting yourself. If “There were about six more competent and qualified ” doing the Professor’s job and they left because UG is being run “like a cake shop”, why do you blame the professor for not turning it around ? Don’t talk for the sake of talking, Rohit . Sometimes you have to listen to the wiser and more educated.

  2. Professor Opadeyi what kind a thin skin person you are? The ppl perceive you as their oppressor file a no confidence motion on you or planning one and you whining.
    Deal with the facts of the matter…you were hired to turn around the university not turn it around. You get the drift?
    Your failures are a predication of the agenda you set out without understanding the environment.
    There were about six more competent and qualified doing your job why you think they left?
    The UG is been run like a cake shop. Your only option was to ensure that it take off on a course that would see improvement.
    You have to admit that nothing tangible was achieved under your stewardship with the exception that you counter picketed your staff and put on one of the best circus on the university lawns.
    Tell us what you achieved during your tenure.


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