Surinam Airways introduces direct Orlando, Florida flights


250108-SurinamAirways-002-640x360[] – Surinam Airways has introduced direct flights from Georgetown to Orlando, Florida with its inaugural non-stop flight to the US city slated for July 2, 2015 from the CheddiJagan International Airport (CJIA).

The Orlando bound flight should depart CJIA tomorrow at 10:30hrs and return on Friday, July 3 at 18:00hrs. It will operate once weekly for three months, after which an evaluation of the operation will be done to ascertain the way forward, the Airline’s Local Manager Rudi Westerdorg said.

Currently, Surinam Airways offers two nonstop flights – from Georgetown to Miami – twice weekly since the airline resumed operations on April 2, 2012.

The airline’s official is buoyant of the success of the new route since feasibility studies signal Guyanese travelers are desirous of visiting the US city at an affordable price.

“We work closely with travel agents, so we have an idea of the travelers’ needs,” said Rudi Westerdorg.

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson stated that the introduction of the new route is great and exciting news. He added, “This initiative is a clear indication of the confidence Surinam Airways has in the volume of passengers’ traffic in Guyana, and by extension our aviation sector.”

Minister Patterson also stated the he was impressed with CJIA’s management strategy to attract other airlines to ply the GEO route.

He noted that Guyana is truly the gateway to many other countries, and its potential in the aviation sector is boundless. To this end, he intends to actively engage CJIA’s Chief Executive Officer, Ramesh Ghir, on the untapped opportunities available to explore.



  1. There is need for cheaper flights within Guyana. For example Ogle to Lethem. Ogle to Mabaruma. Ogle to Port kaituma. Ogle to Aishalton. In the old days with the Guyana Airways Domestic Service, there used to be lots of such flights at reasonable cost, until President Janet put an end to Guyana Airways Corporation.


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