UG Administration denies female student was gang-raped – claims she was just ‘intoxicated’


The University of Guyana (UG) administration has dismissed the allegations circulating over the weekend that a female student was gang-raped at the university’s Turkeyen campus.

In a statement this afternoon, the UG administration claimed the female student in question was not raped but rather “intoxicated”. The statement failed to say if the student was intoxicated on drugs, alcohol or both.

It stated that, on Friday afternoon (February 26), a female student was taken to the medical centre on the Turkeyen campus “and was subsequently diagnosed as being intoxicated by the university’s capable medical personnel”.
“Investigations by the University of Guyana Administration have not revealed any basis to conclude or suspect that she was sexually assaulted…,” the UG stated.

The University said it “places a high priority on the safety and security of its members and visitors to the campus”.

The University said it is also pursuing several measures to enhance security on campus, and will continue to exercise maximum care and due diligence in providing a safe and secure environment for students and staff on its campuses.


Meanwhile, INews reported earlier today that the University of Guyana Student Society (UGSS) has launched an investigation into the allegation of a gang-rape of a female student on the university’s Turkeyen campus on Friday evening.
However, Police Divisional Commander Marlon Chapman said he is unaware of the allegation, since no official report – up to late yesterday – has been made. The student was allegedly drugged and raped by a group of male students, all of whom are suspected to be her friends.
Up to late Saturday evening, UGSS President Joshua Griffith said they are still trying to verify the information since they have been getting inconsistent reports on the incident.
“It is very strange. Things are not adding up. Once we verify the information, we will be issuing a statement because based on all the discussions we’ve had so far, the stories seem not to be adding up,” Griffith said. He declined to provide any further comment on the matter until more information becomes available. However, he emphasised that the incident, factual or fictional, points to the need for better security on campus.
“Security has always been a major concern on campus and we, the students, are always the ones who suffer and are affected more at the end,” he stated.
Moreover, Griffith is encouraging the victim to file a report with the Police.
“If this is a factual incident, then we fully support the victim coming out and making a Police report and anyone who may have information on this issue, if it is verified, if it is a factual event, they should come forward,” he urged, noting that it would indeed be a tragic occurrence for the nation’s premier tertiary institution, if proven factual.
According to reports, a student overheard a group of male students explicitly describing how they committed the act. The student stated that he does not know the names of the male students; however, he knows their faces.




  1. Well nothing has been proven. However, if indeed she was intoxicated, then she needs to control her intakes. A woman should have control of her drink as she becomes very vulnerable when intoxicated. Un less she has someone who can take care of her and a person who can be trusted. Not everyone who smiles is a friend.


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