T&T Police probe death of woman on Valentine’s Day

Doolarie Ramnarine
Doolarie Ramnarine

(Trinidad Guardian) Valentine’s Day considered a day of love, brought sorrow and hurt to the family of a -53-year-old partially blind woman after she was found with clothing covering her face and electrical cord tied around her neck. She later succumbed to her injuries at the Sangre Grande Hospital.

The woman was found lying on the floor of her kitchen around 8. 15 am.

The vic­tim, Doolarie Ramnarine, of Valencia, was found by her common-law husband who had earlier tried to call her.

When she did not an­swer her phone he rushed to their Valencia home where he found the doors of the house broken and discovered her lying on the floor of the kitchen with the electrical cord tied around her neck and a jersey over her face

Police officers immediately responded to his call for help.

Police reported that they received a call around 8.15 am and on arrival at the scene, they saw people gathered outside of the house.

When they went into the house, they found the Ramnarine. She was still breathing.

The police placed her in their vehicle and took her to Sangre Grande Hospital where she died on arrival.

Doolarie’s body will be taken to the Forensic Science Center, St James tomorrow for post mortem to determine the cause of death.



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