T&T man killed by bandits while protecting grandparents

KILLED: Rawson Rattan
KILLED: Rawson Rattan

(Trinidad Express) A man was shot and killed in Penal this afternoon (Thursday) by two men who broke into the home of his parents.

Rawson Rattan, 36, a small appliance technician, was shot dead in the room of a house at Syne Village, Penal, near the entrance to Powergen.

His nephew, Dominic Rampersad, was assaulted and robbed.

The killing happened at around 2p.m.

Rampersad, 31, spoke with the Express hours after the killing.

He said he had come to his grandparents’ home to take a shower since he had no water at his home.

He said when he opened the door, his grandfather shouted for him to leave since criminals were already in the housing robbing the family.

Before Rampersad could leave, he said a criminal suspect came out and grabbed him by the neck and pulled him into a room of the house.

He said he was bound with plastic tie straps. His grandmother was also tied.

Rampersad said his grandfather and his uncle Rawson Rattan were taken to a separate area of the house.

“My grandmother was begging for the men not to harm them but one of the robbers said he had no choice but to do this”.

Rampersad said he heard what sounded like “iron banging”. It turned out to be gunshots.

When the two suspects left the house with valuables, Rampersad said he untied himself and found his uncle dead on the ground floor of the house.

“I am very traumatised by what has happened. This has never happened to our family before. I feel very scared”.

He said his murdered uncle was “loving and kind”. The victim was not married and had no children.

Family members gathered at the scene said the crime situation was terrible and police needed to do much more to secure citizens.



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