Region Five honours retired educators


The Department of Education, Region 5, Mahaica-Berbice Region, honoured Retired Educators yesterday (Thursday). This activity coincides with the celebration of World Teachers’ Day which is being observed today (Friday October 5).

The purpose was to show appreciation to those educators who have made significant contributions in the Mahaica-Berbice Region and would have retired during the period 2013- 2018.

According to the Department of Public Information (DPI), the Regional Education Officer (ag), Mrs. Sherry Grant-White, thanked the attendees for their services rendered and encouraged them to continue to render their services in their respective communities. She also referred to the fact that the retirees are now enjoying the services of those learners they would have imparted values, morals, knowledge and skills to, during their active years of service.

This is often evident when they transact business at various entities. Among those who were present are: Retired Assistant Chief Education Officer (Secondary), Mrs. Leslyn Edwards-Charles, Retired Education Officer 11, Ms. Marlyn Sears and Retired Headteachers and Teachers.

The activity was co-ordinated by Mr. Wainwright Mc Intosh, Education Officer attached to the Special Education Needs Unit and chaired by Mr. Sheldon Grenville, Education Officer, DPI said.



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