Trevor Williams appointed Director of Youth

Trevor Williams

By Jomo Paul

Trevor Williams
Trevor Williams

[] – Alliance For Change  Member(AFC) Trevor Williams has been confirmed as the new Director of Youth but will officially take up the post on Monday, June 08.

Williams was a member of the 10th Parliament and served as the AFC’s Region 10 Representative and Youth Leader, playing an instrumental role in the restoration of subvention funds for the Critchlow Labour College.

When contacted by iNews on Friday evening, Williams  outlined some priority areas that he would tackle as the Director of Youth.

Williams has his eyes set on ensuring that Guyana has a national Youth Policy, something that Guyana has been lacking in the past decade with increasing calls from youth bodies for the policy to be developed.

It is hoped that the policy would respond to the challenges facing youth, while affirming the creation of opportunities for them to transcend the current state of affairs via even-handed access to education, housing, health services and economic opportunities.

This policy has been touted as the missing link between the state of hopelessness that is hovering over youth and their ability to make more meaningful contributions to the growth and development of Guyana.

Williams made it clear that the Youth department must function in a manner that is “more relevant” to the immediate and long term issues affecting Guyana.

In its manifesto, APNU+AFC said its youth policy will focus on reducing risk factors such as crime, drug abuse, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, suicide, violence and illiteracy.

“Our programme will generate support and allocate resources to make recreation, the arts and sports hallmarks of excellence and will restore the bond between young people and our communities,” the manifesto states.



  1. Is this another appointment I thought the Government was sending Political appointment
    an leave isn’t this a political appointment by a political party.

  2. This is so great to see that youths are involved in the decision and affairs of their peers in society. If I could make a suggestion, it would to let each ministry and leaders within the ministry must have a junior leader that would to become the future leader of that position to be mentored and coached while performing their duties and hence the continuous flow throughout generations to come. This would bring unity between the age groups. The youths would be able communicate with their counterpart who may not understand the language of adults with good intentions and what is required to bring about peace and success in the world as a whole.


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