Traffic Chief appeals to drivers to take caution on wet roads


Traffic Chief Linden Isles is urging drivers to be extra careful on the wet roads, especially at nights.

The rainy season is upon us and according to the Traffic Chief, it brings a lot of road fatalities.

He explained that drivers need to be extra careful when using the roadways during this period.

“We had 35 accidents with 39 deaths last year up to today’s date and in 2019 we got 38 accidents with 40 deaths, an increase of accidents by eight per cent and deaths by two per cent,” he said.

“When the road surface is wet there is less friction between the tyres and the road way so if brakes is applied, vehicles tend to skid.

“The drivers tend sometimes to drive in water that causes water to spill on pedestrians,” he explained.

“We know that while inclement weather is on, we have to reduce our speed because braking distance, when brakes is applied the vehicle will travel a longer distance before it can come to a standstill,” he explained.

The Traffic Chief said at nights, even more alertness is needed.

“Because of the weather, the vision is reduced so I would urge them to reduce speed and be more careful, think of the five C’s: care, caution, consideration, courtesy and common sense. Especially at nights because the vision would be far more less because of the weather so they will have to drive within their lights, don’t try to out-drive their lights,” he cautioned.



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