No arrests yet in murder of ‘White Boy’

Patrick Fraser

As investigations continue into the gunning down of 23-year-old Patrick “White Boy” Fraser, at Norton Street, Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara, the police are yet to make an arrest.

This was confirmed by A Division Commander, Marlon Chapman, who told INews that the crime scene detectives continue to process the crime scene and police are reviewing CCTV footage.

Police Headquarters had stated that the victim was reportedly in a yard with friends consuming alcohol when it was alleged that someone discharged two rounds at him.

INews understands that the young man, who hailed from Republic Park, EBD, was hanging out with a group of friends during which an argument broke out among them and it was at this time that one of the men whipped out a handgun and discharged two rounds in Fraser’s direction, hitting him to the right side rib and the right upper leg.

A police source explained that the young man was known to persons in the area since he would visit his friends on a regular basis.

Sources revealed that detectives are working on the theory that the young man might have been shot and killed by someone he knew.

After the shooting, one of his friends, Alex Dwayne Doodnauth also called “Alli G” of Eccles, EBD, was interrogated whilst at the Diamond Hospital.

During interrogation, he reportedly told detectives that on the night in question, he was close by and overheard persons in the area talking about a shooting and upon inquiring further, he was told that “White Boy get shoot”.

He claimed that he immediately went to the crime scene where he saw the young man lying on the ground in a pool of blood and without hesitation, he picked him up and rushed him to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre to receive medical treatment but unfortunately, he succumbed while doing so.

Doodnauth was expected to be further questioned by the police.

Meanwhile, the police stated that although the young man was shot twice, they have only retrieved one .32 spent shell and one warhead. In addition, a pair of slippers and a bloodstained Polo hat were found at the scene.



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