Trade Unions urge parliamentary compromise in Holi greetings


holi_group[] – Several Trade Unions in Guyana have extended Phagwah greeting to all Guyanese, particularly Hindus as they joined the rest of the world to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

According to the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU), the nation needs these brief periods of celebrations and joy if only to enjoy the therapy of submerging the numerous challenges of daily living.

“This year, Holi or Phagwah as Guyanese like to describe it, finds the nation is witnessing continued Parliamentary wrangling between our elected representatives. This seems unnecessary at most times even though our parliamentarians are expected to analyse and debate before coming to the best decisions on our behalf. Also, GAWU would trust, at the governmental and parliamentary levels, there is good reason for hope as the National Budget nears presentation.”

GAWU expressed the hope that all the Holikas of hate and retrogression be banished from the national psyche and development as the event is observed.

The Union is also hopeful that the thousands of GAWU’s Hindu members will recall and relive the virtues most desirable for clean, healthy living including the values of family life notwithstanding the daily challenges.

“Let the chowtals, the abeer and powders celebrate love and not domestic abuse in our towns and villages. Let Phagwah force more ethnic harmony as understanding of Hindu mythology is promoted.”

Meanwhile, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) also wishes Guyana’s Hindu community a Happy Phagwah.

“The Festival of Holi, with its joyous chowtals, dancing, abeer and powders; sharing of sweet meats; is a festival – not unlike Christmas – which can attract the participation of thousands of non-Hindus. The infectious merriment and clean fun to observed on Sunday and Monday is not national in character.”

FITUG wishes that this harmony is demonstrated throughout every year but uses this opportunity to caution the younger devotees not to impose certain elements of their celebrations on those who are not interested.

The Union advises that alcohol and dirty water must never sully the clean joy of Phagwah, the love it generates. Guyanese and Guyana are blessed to celebrate peacefully and in togetherness in a world where, elsewhere, there is too much toxic hated and sectarian violence.



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