Town Clerk locked out of Office; doors barricaded



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

The locks to the Town Clerk's Office were changed. [iNews' Photo]
The locks to the Town Clerk’s Office were changed. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Town Clerk (acting), Carol Sooba was locked out of her office this morning [Tuesday, August 26], as her doors were barricaded and her security had to forcibly remove the impediments.

Sooba told reporters that she is not shocked at this move by a faction of the Council as they seek to oust her from the Town Clerk post.

“They put on two new padlocks which means they had to access somehow to come in… the Constable is right there and I cannot access the Chief Constable nor Mr. Kenneth George,” Sooba said.

She is now contemplating her next step, since she feels her security has been compromised. However, she intends to fight to her last, she told iNews.

Sooba is contending that the Council has no authority to remove or send her home on administrative leave. This she said can only be done by the Local Government Minister.

The Council yesterday passed a motion, sending Sooba and the City Treasurer on administrative leave pending an investigation into allegations that she waived some $27 million in rates and taxes for the building that houses the Universal Church of God on Charlotte & Wellington Streets, Georgetown.

The council has to send its motion to the Local Government Minister for a decision.





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