Council moves motion sending Town Clerk on Administrative Leave

Town Clerk [ag], Carol Sooba.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Carol Sooba. [iNews' Photo]
Carol Sooba. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The saga continued down at the Georgetown Mayor & City Council yesterday [August 25] immediately after its Public Relations Officer, Royston King was charged with Forgery.

The council moved a motion against acting Town Clerk, Carol Sooba, sending her on administrative leave on the grounds that she waived $27 million in rates and taxes for the building that houses the Universal Church of God on Charlotte & Wellington Streets, Georgetown, which is reportedly owned by Ganga Persaud & Co Ltd.

Sooba sat and heard her fate read to her by the council. The Council also took a decision to take the City Treasurer, Ron McCalman on administrative leave with immediate effect.

This, the council said is to facilitate investigations into the financial irregularities. Councillors for the People’s Progressive Party [PPP] were up in arms about this move and hurled insults at Mayor Hamilton Green. Sooba fought back and made it known that she or the Treasurer will not be moved.

“Pastor McCalman, pray you shall not be removed, trust God they can’t do you nothing,” were ‎her words of encouragement to the City Treasurer.

Sooba also told the meeting that the “need some water and soap” in her defense against the decision.



  1. She sounds like a real “trip” Wouldn’t it be better to elect someone to the position rather than appoint” The latter is more effective, and does not have the appearance of favoritism. Guyana and it’s politics, it is a disgrace, to read the buffoons that are in charge of this Beautiful Land. SHAMEFUL, SHAMEFUL

  2. meh shame! meh shame! meh shame! a lot of people might believe that Guyanese maad. ow! when all this madness gon end?


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