Tourism Minister lambastes TravelSpan even as Airline announces resumed operations



Minister Irfaan Ali.
Minister Irfaan Ali.

[] – Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali has registered his disappointment in what he said was the level of unprofessionalism, lack of communication and total disregard for passengers shown by TravelSpan, which serves the GEO – JFK route.

In a brief comment to iNews, the Minister stated that the situation has worsened over the last week and said his Ministry has taken serious notice of the consequences.

“The Ministry further calls on the airline to fully compensate affected passengers and communicate immediately publicly their plans in transporting stranded passengers,” Ali said.

His comment comes even as TravelSpan announced the resumption of operationsthat were affected after mechanical problems grounded both of its aircraft over the weekend, leaving passengers booked to travel stranded in both Guyana and the United States.

Passengers complained that no provisions have been made to organize alternative arrangements for them.

In a statement today, the Airline extended its sincerest and heartfelt apology and said it regret the extensive delays.travelspan

“The 767/300 is back in the air and has resumed flying, and the 767/200 is also fixed and will be on standby,” the airline said.

Reports are that passengers were flown out from Guyana at 16:00 hours yesterday and there was also a flight that left JFK to Guyana last night and the most recent flight departed this morning at 11:10 hours from Guyana.

Additional flights are schedule for the following dates:

V2 501 Aug 12, JFK To GEO

V2 502Aug 13, GEO to JFK

V2 505 Aug 13, JFK GEO :

V2 506 Aug 14, GEO JFK .

The Airline has assured that it will be on schedule going forward on Tuesday, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

“We have been working with all affected passengers since the first delay, we have given out meal vouchers at the airports where passenger were already checked in, we have placed out of town passenger into hotels, we are additionally extending stays on trip for those that we can at no cost to passengers based on space availability, and in more severe cases we have been processing refunds for passengers that can no longer travel or choose not to travel,” TravelSpan said.




  1. Call a spade a spade. If a business provide bad service either they fix the problem or get bad press. I know a mother and daughter who traveled from Virginia to New York for the early Saturday morning flight and Sunday morning they still could not tell then when the flight would leave JFK. You thing American Airlines, Delta or United can do that nonsense and people would let then get away with it?

  2. Steve u a bigger idiot not to think they have nothing to do with it…its like kn busting marriott daily u because of the idiot dont know whats going down you idiot dont know how the game is being place idiot with no brain

  3. Gray. Are u an idiot. Is ur brain also gray like ur name. Ain’t nothing that KN could do or say that would affect the operations of those fly by night airlines. They are doing damage all by themselves.

  4. you guys making KN look like some predictable Gods…..KN beat up on EZ jet until EZ boss man end up in the lock up in US…every new airline comes on board KN does dig in their heels deep deep to pelt lash on it….It looks like KN have some sweet deal with Caribbean Airline for KN to do what they do best..

  5. thats a lie i was put out of the boarding on sunday night after i had already checked in and purchased my airport tax after being told that the the flightr was cancelled, i was not even given a phone call , i had to beg a woman outside for a call, i am from berbice and my family was already back home. i am apressure and sugar case and i had to wait for about 3 hrs till my family reach to pick me up


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