Topless models promote veganism on Valentine’s Day


* The women stripped off in the middle of the famed Hollywood Boulevard in the U.S. to encourage people to go vegan for February 14


Three beautiful women strip off and frolic on a bed in the middle of the street – Hollywood Boulevard in the United States – as part of the latest campaign by animal rights group PETA.

Women go topless for Vegan valentine's day message
Women go topless for Vegan valentine’s day message

The charity, well known for persuading celebrities to pose nude for its “I’d rather go naked than wear fur campaign”, launched it’s latest flesh-flashing stunt “today for Valentine’s Day.

A video clip shows a bed being set up in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard before three models whip off their robes and pose on top in nothing but knickers and high heels.

A heart-shaped sign reading: “Vegans make better lovers” protects their modesty.

The eye-catching campaign drew a large crowd – and this being Hollywood, there were a fair few dressed as famous movie characters.

Among those seemingly persuaded by PETA’s message were Freddie Krueger and Chewbacca.

“This Valentine’s is for lovers, so the best way to show animals how much you love them is by not eating them.”

The stunt clearly made an impression on one man, who tells the camera: “This is definitely some great information, and it inspired me to go vegan.” (UK Mirror)



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