Top Cop threatens to penalise those who offer bribes to traffic ranks  


Police Commissioner Leslie James earlier today urged police ranks to desist from accepting bribes from members of the public while at the same time threatening those who offer bribes can also be penalised.

The top cop made these comments while addressing the opening of a training programme at the Officers’ Training Centre, Eve Leary. He also stated that he is looking for a change in performance of ranks and less allegations of corruption in terms of bribery claims.

James also made it clear that the force will be targeting members of the public who offer bribes to police since the offence is a two way street involving both givers and takers.

“Once there is no offer, there can’t be acceptance. It goes both sides offer and acceptance and let me warn you civilians, we are coming after you those of you who are offering,” he said.

Top Cop Leslie James

He posited that too often members of the public are committing offences and then offering bribes to ranks after which they make claims that police are taking bribes.

“You just cannot offer and then going and telling people ‘police tekkin bribe’. It is better for you to say ‘civilians (are) offering bribes and police (are) taking bribes,” James said.

He added that while the force will be engaging particular departments to tackle this issue; if the ranks believe that their salaries are too small, they should tender their resignation.

“If you’re not comfortable with your salaries, leave the job. You came on, you were told what is being offered and you decided to become an agent of the force. How come you have an issue with your remuneration”, the commissioner stated.



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