Top Cop revokes junior ranks’ promotion


Police Commissioner Nigel Hoppie has revoked the January 1, 2021 promotion of some of the junior ranks of the Guyana Police Force.

This publication understands that the Top Cop would have reviewed and approved the list of junior ranks to be promoted but a supplementary list with additional names was subsequently added. It is those ranks who have been stripped of their promotion.

Following the announcement of the revocation of the officers’ promotion, Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn said he would be reviewing the entire lists of junior and senior Police ranks who were recently promoted by the GPF.

“The matter is under some review, and we will come up with a fix to the issue… there was a meeting with the Commander of the Police Force, and the matter is under discussion,” Minister Benn told the media on Friday.

The Home Affairs Minister noted there has been some failure in communication within the administration, which contributed to this issue.

“I will request all lists for review so I too will have a better understanding of what obtains and a discussion as to how it is done,” Benn posited.

On Thursday, several letters were dispatched by Commissioner Hoppie to Commanders and Senior officials indicating the rescinding of the promotions. Some ranks have taken to social media venting their frustration.

This issue with the junior ranks promotion comes on the heels of Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George granted an order on December 31, 2020, blocking the promotion of several Police ranks to Assistant Commissioner by the Police Service Commission (PSC).

The matter stemmed from legal proceedings filed in the High Court by Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus, who complained that he is being bypassed for promotion to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police, even though he was recommended for promotion by the Commissioner of Police.

In his claim, Brutus stated that he was being overlooked for promotion owing to frivolous allegations of indiscipline levelled against him for which he has not been called to defend himself.

Earlier in the week, Chief Justice George had adjourned the matter until February 5, 2021, after Attorney General Anil Nandlall informed the court that the Police Service Commission is willing to solve the issue outside of the court.