Tiwarie breaks silence…says there is an ongoing campaign to tarnish his image

Brian Tiwarie

Businessman Brian Tiwarie, Managing Director of BK International, moments ago fired back at sections of the media for peddling what he deems to be misinformation regarding his “appointment” as business advisor, stating that he believes there is an ongoing campaign to tarnish both his and his company’s image.

In a statement issued today, Tiwarie sought to provide clarity on the recent controversy stating that he was appointed as an advisor on business to Harmon and not the Government as is being peddled by sections of the media.   

“The fact of the matter is that Minister Harmon “appointed” Mr. Tiwarie as his personal advisor on business.  This he is entitled to do and by virtue of Mr. Tiwarie’s business acumen, such an “appointment” can be seen as nothing else but legitimate decision”, the statement noted. 

Following is the full statement: 

Over the last few weeks, some sections of the Guyanese media and more specifically the Kaieteur News have focused much attention on the appointment of Mr. Brian Tiwarie by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon as an Advisor on Business. It no doubt forms part of a personal vendetta of Kaieteur News Publisher, Glenn Lall against Mr. Tiwarie. The campaign against Minister Harmon has evolved to the extent that it drags BK and its Managing Director through the mud and denigrates them both. BK International must set the record straight.

The campaign that has been waged uninterruptedly in the press led by Kaieteur News and The Guyana Chronicle mainly has sought to portray this so-called appointment as an improper act committed by the Minister and has falsely and repeatedly stated that Mr. Tiwarie was appointed Advisor to the Government. This is simply not true. It is a complete fabrication.

Minister of State, Joe Harmon
Minister of State, Joe Harmon

Mr. Tiwarie was never appointed Advisor to the Government nor to the Minister of Business. But the falsehood has been strategically repeated so often that many persons now are confused and may be inclined to believe this confounded. Unfortunately, the Stabroek News in its editorial of April 4, 2016 repeated this lie on many occasions. One may excuse the Guyana Chronicle and the Kaieteur News agenda on this issue but Stabroek News should have checked the facts more carefully before venturing into this minefield.

Because Stabroek News started off on a false premise its entire editorial and conclusions were consequently wrong. As it relates to this issue and others, the Kaieteur News and the Guyana Chronicle have practiced gutter journalism and have taken the posture of the purveyors of fascist propaganda.

The fact of the matter is that Minister Harmon “appointed” Mr. Tiwarie as his personal advisor on business.  This he is entitled to do and by virtue of Mr. Tiwarie’s business acumen, such an “appointment” can be seen as nothing else but legitimate decision. Needless to say that Mr. Tiwarie’s efforts in this capacity are ‘pro bono’. Other Ministers (including the Prime Minister) have made several such appointments and relating to those there is an absence of a sustained campaign and public outcry.  Maybe in the interest of fairness the President should revoke all of those too and for the very reason given when he acted impulsively in revoking the appointment at a time when Minister Harmon was out of the country.  It may well be that in quieter time the President may have an opportunity to reflect upon the propriety of impulsive decision making.

Brian Tiwarie’s relationship with Minister Harmon predates APNU, Guyana Elections and his appointment as Minister.  The truth of the matter is that a political struggle is underway between various elements in high places and the Tiwarie so called appointment is being used by many to achieve their objectives. He is rightfully perceived as quiet, powerful and influential even more than the now famous Luncheon and this has provoked the struggle for power, for influence, for turf.

BK International and Tiwarie as ‘good corporate citizens’, are supporters of the present Government and have every right to do so in the interest of the development of our beloved nation.  This is the right and duty of every Guyanese.

In this current sustained campaign, a multiplicity of untruths are being created and exorcised on issues settled long before Mr. Tiwarie embarked on his private business trip to China which coincided with Minister Harmon’s official visit to the emerging economic super power. We acknowledge that they travelled together, but not withstanding this reality, each had his own business to transact.  We find absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Bk International will continue to support the Government as it has recently done in the matter of Durban Park development. All Guyanese, all businessmen and all companies have a right to contribute to public projects if they so wish.  This is not a crime.  This is not corruption. It is called patriotism.

While the subject of corruption continues to be on the front burner of discussions nationally, BK International continues to be a firm supporter of any effort to counter and or stamp out corrupt practices which have in the past adversely affected our operations and threatened our very existence.  If there is evidence of our involvement otherwise, we charge that it be provided openly and publically and honestly.

We strongly believe that when politicians are at war, they must avoid dragging in innocent parties, unrelated to their apparent power struggles.




  1. BrianTiwari, your defense does not adds up. If your appointment had nothing to do with the government and only with Harmon how come and why Granger rescinded the appointment?

  2. Tiwarie breaks silence…says there is an ongoing campaign to tarnish his image
    The dumb f dont know Harmon is Government?
    Blame the media is the new cry now– they loved it when the media was pelting lash on PPP day an night right or wrong truth or untruths…they used to love it..
    BK buddy its not the mead who wants to tarnish you– you shit on yourself by taking it up with Harmonger ..The old PNC boys will never tolerate you.. Bottom line..The old PNC boys dont like the new PNC..


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