Armed men attack Albion family…husband killed in attempt to save wife from blows


A woman is now nursing serious wounds at a hospital and mourning the loss of her husband who died while trying to protect her from two armed men during what is believed to be an attempted robbery at their residence last night.

gun crimeReports are that 54-year-old Parbatie Budhu of Albion, Corentyne, Berbice, had just finished showering in a bathroom in her yard and was heading inside her house when the incident occurred.

Her son-in-law, Arnold Deolall, told INews today that the woman was confronted by two gunmen who took her inside the house and began hitting her about her body.

His father-in-law, 58 year-old Gowchand rushed to aid his wife and protect her from the blows. The gunmen fired two shots to both the left and right sides of his stomach, at the bottom of his stomach, and at his right ear.

The perpetrators then fled the scene leaving behind the battered and bruised Parbatie to seek help for herself and her husband.

However, when Gowchand arrived at the Port Mourant Hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival.

“He died on the spot…and for my mother-in-law she has serious injuries with her whole mouth inside damaged, they lashed her to her face, and her two knees are badly injured too. Now she is complaining that she is not feeling on her back, they had put her on the ground and kicked her on her back and so. She is in serious condition,” he stated.

According to Deolall, the injured Parbatie is presently hospitalised at the Anamayah Memorial Hospital, Berbice.

One source close to the Budhu family stated that the motive for the assault and killing is still unclear at this point of time but that it could have been an attempted robbery since the couple owned a grocery shop and a liquor restaurant.

Meanwhile, investigations are currently on-going to nab the perpetrators.



  1. I can’t see any effort the government is taking to prevent crime. If this will continue then the current government should resign without any hesitation. The residents need protection.

  2. It’s very disturbing everyday reading the The News citizens are murdered….. People can’t walk in their yards. All the criminals have guns….. Where do they get from? Law abiding should be allowed to purchase guns, especially business men……..there must be a way to stop these criminals, they must be shot, injured or killed so copy cats can b deterred … Innocent people trying to make an honest living to support their families are in danger daily. Arm the business men, the only way to stop this crime spree.

  3. Armed men attack Albion family…husband killed in attempt to save wife from blows
    It is of no use the police trying to track the killers since if caught they will be passed though court and tired and if found guilty the president will most likely pardon them and tell them to live a good life and not do it again.
    Possibility exists too that if they are captured and tried in court their hot shot lawyer might get together with jury buddy and poof killers walk free again.
    The jury system is very much stacked in favor of certain criminals.

  4. How many more? This will only stop when the citizens take steps by whatever means to protect themselves,the bull shit gun pardon and amnesty failed,citizens have to take the fight to criminals,,,this is very SAD ,,


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