Father of 5 killed while cutting logs …Regional Chairman says family should be compensated


A family from Mabaruma, Region One, is now contemplating its next move after its sole bread-winner died yesterday afternoon while he was on duty cutting logs near Wauna Hill.

Reports are that the 29-year-old man, Christopher Boyer, had left his home to go with his employer into a forested area to cut logs when a tree branch fell on him.

The accident occurred around 14:30h.

treeINews understands that Boyer suffered severe injuries mainly to his head and was rushed to the Mabaruma Hospital for emergency treatment.

However, he succumbed while he was en route to the hospital.

Chairman of Region One, Brentnol Ashley, told INews today that it is unfortunate that such a tragic incident took place. He said that such incidents do not occur regularly in that area.

He explained that Boyer’s family should receive some form of compensation from his employer since he was injured and died while on duty.

“Once it happens on duty, labour laws are there so the employer has to take certain action to ensure the family is compensated and looked after…we will look into the issue,” Ashley promised.

Boyer leaves to mourn five children along with other family members.




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