Govt mulls Night Courts to address judicial backlog


Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo has requested a follow-up meeting with the Chancellor of the Judiciary, Justice Carl Singh on the matter of the establishment of Night Courts to address the issue of dealing with the backlog of court cases.

GINA reported that in a recent letter to the Chancellor, the Prime Minister advised that he had briefed President David Granger on the proposal for the Night Courts and received “favourable assurance”.

courtNagamootoo noted that he had discussions with the Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan with regard to funding, and similarly, favourable assurances were forthcoming.

The Prime Minister has requested that the Chancellor as head of the Judiciary, provide to the Executive, the budget for the Night Courts along with the logistical arrangements to operationalise the sittings to deal with the remand issue that has contributed to the congestion of prisons.

Nagamootoo had led a government team, which, on March 16th, met with a team from the Judiciary headed by Chancellor Singh. The meeting was principally to discuss the backlog in court cases.

In describing that meeting as “very successful” the Prime Minister had said that it was a “wide-ranging discussion aimed at trying to get trials speedily held and to clear the congestion in the prison”.




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