Timehri North residents get streetlights


streetlights[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI) has installed streetlights in the community of Timehri North, a week after Minister David Patterson visited the area.

The action was taken in an attempt to make the community safer for the residents, particularly schoolchildren, a release from the Ministry noted.

The residents, during the meeting held with Minister Patterson on November 29, 2015, had the opportunity to voice their issues and solutions for the community.

Among the problems outlined was the lack of streetlights in the area. Many residents expressed concern for the safety of late workers and schoolchildren and opined that streetlights would go a far way in reducing crime.

“Hence, MPI saw it fit to provide the community with this much-needed infrastructure. On Sunday December 6, 2015, a total of nine 250W lamps were installed, from the Prison Road to the Amerijet Junction,” the Ministry noted.



  1. Not sure that the the majority of Indo-Guyanese living overseas will want to return and invest when they see such biased policies.No wonder you have such economic stagnation ..We did not expect the same type of race based policies. Looks like the people of Guyana were taken for a ride. Come on AFC, speak up about these unfair policies…

  2. Sly, I do have the same response to this issue. But just to make a correction and trust you don’t mind: the George Orwell book is Animal Farm and not 1984. In the 1984 novel, Orwell referred to BIG BROTHER. Guyana has at least two BIG BROTHERS who come to my mind: Felix and the Basil Williams. Remember the taped discussions between the two? It’s on You Tube.
    As for the minister Patterson (Batterson), his justification for the removal;l of the Bath Settlement street lights is nothing more as you rightly mentioned, racial and political discrimination. Look out, there is more to come

  3. Sly is wah wrong with you bai. Them people at Timheri is more productive than the people in Bath settlement. Much more to come hold on.

  4. Minista of Public Works and Government can afford the cost of those residents very happy about that,….. but for bath settlement they can’t afford it…. Where is our generous PRIME MINISTA MR NAGAMOUTH2

  5. Timehri North residents get streetlights
    Remember Bath Settlement residents?
    Well you bet your life on it if one single word from Nagamook or Rumjhaatmook PNC would bust in their stink rum mouths..
    PNC showing PPP how ethnic unity works.

  6. George Orwell’s 1984 “everyone is equal but some are more equal than others” is very much alive. The residents of Bath Settlement on the West Coast of Berbice had their street lights removed by GPL. This said minister justified the removal of the street lights. Agree that the residents of Timheri North deserve street lights but are they more deserving than the residents of Bath Settlement? This clearly shows racial and political discrimination and is absolutely not a recipe for social cohesion or racial unity.

  7. So these fools take all the street lights out of Berbice and Install it in Linden….Hmm! I do not feel sorry for the Berbice people since they were doped by Naga and Rumjattan to vote for this PNC regime. If Naga returns to WHIM, I think the people will beat the crap out of him! Hope they dont buss his big belly!


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