Jaguar attacks on the rise in Region Two..woman barely escapes


Over 100 dogs have gone missing and the carcasses of scores of livestock in Essequibo have been discovered recently following a number of jaguar attacks in the villages of Mainstay and Tapakuma, Region Two.

Chairman of the Region, Devanand Ramdatt told INews this afternoon that Toshaos have been complaining about the rise in ‘jaguar sightings’ near residential areas and that their goats, chicken and ducks are being killed and eaten by these wild animals. One tiger even snatched a parrot from someone’s yard and disappeared with it.

He explained that a report was made last evening about a woman who was sitting in her swing when
a jaguar almost attacked her. She was only safe because her fence prevented the savage beast from reaching her and she was able to return indoors safely.

jaguarAs such, Ramdatt along with Toshaos from the Amerindian communities met with senior officials of the Police Force in his Region to find a solution for this prevalent issue which has struck fear and unease in many residents.

He said that until a permanent solution can be found the police ranks will be patrolling areas to ensure that the jaguars do not attack or kill anyone or any more animals.

“What we would like is for the relevant agencies and government who deal with these things to partner with us. This way we won’t have to kill the wildlife, they can come with their expertise and capture them, and probably put them in the zoo or something,” Ramdatt stated.

INews was told that there are at least two adult jaguars which have been spotted by residents close to their homes one night apart and that others are most likely “lurking around”.





  1. Jaguar meat taste good, like beef only softer. Preserve them by cooking them when they come to eat your animals.

  2. Seriously, we don’t have any pics of Jaguars so we have to use a photo of a tiger. Also, the government should compensate these folks in order to prevent them from killing these endangered jaguars. For instance, in Kenya, the government gives the Masai tribes two cows for every one cow that a pride of lions eat just to prevent them from killing the lions.

  3. why is there a picture of a tiger in this article ? and why is ‘tiger’ one of the tags for the article .. .seriously…rass.

  4. My Grandmother lives on the WBD and they usually experience this same problem whenever their is a lengthy period of dry weather.So it’s prob the dry weather causing the “JAGUARs” to come around the community to look for food.


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