France to fund further studies into Caribbean Sea – Minister Greenidge


Guyana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Second Vice President, Carl Greenidge has reported that the 21st Ordinary Meeting of the Ministerial Council of the Association of Caribbean States’ (ACS) meeting held in Haiti last week saw extensive dialogue on the study of the Caribbean Sea. This study is an initiative of the ACS’ Secretary-General.

caribbeanIn an interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA), Minister Greenidge said, “During the course of the preliminary exchange, a number of countries spoke very favourably about the study itself, its importance and their endorsement of the conclusions in the report…timelines were made for follow-up.” He said that France indicated a willingness to fund and support work in this area.

“The discussion and the study that were undertaken  focused upon the importance of the sea on a wide variety of fronts including its significance for its people and for the world as a whole, and the need to now manage it sustainably,” he added.

Member States need to ensure mechanisms are in place to constrain illegal fishing and the use of illegal material in the case of fisheries to prevent over exploitation.

Additionally, consideration was also given to issues pertaining to evasive species which bring a variety of marine life from other waters and deposit them in the Caribbean Sea.

In light of the deliberations and commitment given, Haiti, Jamaica, Argentina and Guyana took the opportunity to underscore and emphasise the importance of the sea, its effect on the patrimony of the people of the Caribbean, the need to properly manage resources for its current beneficiaries, as well as descendants, and the importance of a mechanism which places a high priority upon sustainability.

President of Haiti, Michel Martelly graced the regular meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.



  1. France to fund further studies into Caribbean Sea – Minister Greenidge
    US and France will help Guyana the same way they help Haiti into becoming a super and economic power..Hang in there Guyanese the PNC good life coming


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