Three held for questioning in Sterling Products invasion

Undertakers remove the body of Stuart. [iNews' Photo]


By Leroy Smith

Dead: Security Guard, Wilfred Stewart
Dead: Security Guard, Wilfred Stewart

[] – Three men have been arrested by the police for questioning in connection with the shooting death of Security Guard Wilfred Steve Stewart and the shooting of Mario Gohill, which occurred on Monday night at Sterling Products Ltd Office, at Providence, East Bank Demerara.

iNews was reliably informed that the men were picked up from a village along the East Bank of Demerara after the police received certain information. The police reportedly conducted searches on the homes of the men.

A sliver grey motorcar was also impounded as the investigators review the surveillance footage they obtained from the Company.

iNews understands that five armed masked men invaded the Company at approximately 17:45hrs, disarmed the Security Guard and then shot him to death. They then shot Gohill, who is an Indian National working as a Chemist with the Company.

The security hut in which Stewart was killed. [iNews' Photo]
The security hut in which Stewart was killed. [iNews’ Photo]
From all indications, the men attempted to rob the Company but failed in that bid as they were unable to make their way to the Accounts Department, after the alarm went off.

They took away the service weapon of the dead security guard before fleeing the scene.


  1. Satish..didu hear ramjattan or nagamute made any comments on that?
    i didnt..didu hear ramjaat or nagamute scold nighell hughes for what he caused at agricola? i didnt..u bet them two power hungry collie friken nighell thats why the silence..they remember what pnc did to haslyn parris at pnc compound for talking the truth..rumjaatand nagamute must remain mute.

  2. Then no doctor should look after a bandit that get sick and need medical help. Then no lawyer should represent an one with a criminal history or should they need medical help, let them die cause the doctor won’t save them either.

    Satish if you have any sense you won’t write that but then again you are a paid ppp political blogger. So you lack any sort of human sense.

  3. Will Nigel Hughes be representing the murderer free of charge, as he did the Lusignan massacre killers?
    I think he should tell us 🙁


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