Anti – Corruption march dampened by poor turnout of political opposition


Anti - Corruption march dampened by poor turnout of political opposition. [iNews' Photo]
Anti – Corruption march dampened by poor turnout of political opposition. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Guyana’s very vocal combined political opposition this morning (Tuesday, December 09), failed to lend weighty support to an anti – corruption march organized by the Transparency Institute Guyana Inc.

Both the main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance for Change (AFC) – have accused the current administration of fostering rampant corruption in the public sector and their poor attendance was surprising to many participants.

In fact, there were no Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs); only a few AFC members were spotted among the no more than 30 persons who were drawn from Transparency Institute and other civil society organizations including: the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD).

However, Head of Transparency Institute Gino Persaud said he was not discouraged by the attendance.

“We tried to publicize the march as best as we could and I think we have a reasonable turn out last year we had a little more,” Persaud noted.

Head of Transparency Institute Gino Persaud. [iNews' Photo]
Head of Transparency Institute Gino Persaud. [iNews’ Photo]
He reminded that corruption is a sensitive issue in Guyana and while there is a lot of support behind closed doors not everyone is enthusiastic about publicly denouncing it.

“We know that the concerns exist…Guyanese I think understand that corruption is a serious problem and we all have a role to play,” he admonished.

Opposition Leader David Granger later told iNews that his parliamentary coalition could not attended the anti – corruption march because of its own planned protest outside the Office of the President, which has been ongoing for more than eight weeks.

Granger said he was surprised that Transparency Institute would organize a march for the same day as their protest.

The anti – corruption Body had extended invitation to the government, diplomatic community and the private sector along with the political opposition, civil society organizations and trade unions.

TI has its annual fund raising dinner this evening at the Pegasus, Georgetown which is usually well attended.

Corruption March 1This is the second consecutive year Transparency Institute has conducted a peaceful public march to commemorate International Anti – Corruption Day.

Persaud explained that the aim of the event is to raise awareness among the general public on corruption in Guyana.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has reminded, in his message on this occasion, that corruption suppresses economic growth and undermines the sustainable management of the environment and called on all to stamp it out.

The 2014 results of the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index showed improvements for Guyana.

A country’s score indicates the perceived level of public sector corruption on a scale of zero, representing highly corrupt to 100, representing very clean. Guyana scored 30 this year compared to 27 last year.

But not withstanding these improvements, the country remains listed in the very corrupt category; lagging far behind its Caribbean Community (CARICOM) peers. Guyana placed 124th out of 175 countries with Haiti coming in 161; being the only regional country to do worse than Guyana.


  1. Tony..U failed to mention who give the info to those clowns? di any one of them held discussions with any government ministers.. its the same clowns u see protesting there give the info

  2. I can’t see the opposition winning at the poll cause anti corruption is their main fight against the Govt. and this march should have gave them an opportunity to show that they are serious about corruption. So how serious are the Guyanese people are concern about corruption when only A gay group show up at the march. It tells me a whole lot that the opposition only blowing hot air.

  3. 1. They never had an organization to record corruption in PNC days and when anyone spoke out on it they were attacked, in some cases killed.
    2. The country salary bill raised by over four thousand percent in the past 22 years. During the PNC days they did not had a method of calculating their salary bill. That was because they were dictating and did not follow the Constitution.

  4. Tell me what you guys think.

    The current corruption rating for Guyana presently is 124 in the world with 30 points or 0.3. Zero being bad and 1 or 100 being good. This is under the PPP Government.

    I have the following questions open to anyone who can provide credible information:

    Question 1: What was the corruption rating for Guyana under the PNC rule?

    Question 2: What is the rating for development under the PPP Government and what was the rating under the PNC Government?

    My wishlist to the Government:

    Short and sweet so to speak: Improve the corruption rating.

    Analysis: In my opinion the Government is doing a good job at developing Guyana, but the 124 rating or 30 points need to be improved upon significantly. This must start from the top. If you the Government can achieve this, there will be no threats to your rule.

    My wishlist to the Combined Opposition:

    How can you win my trust? Frankly speaking to you the Opposition, I don’t trust you. This is the biggest obstacle I am facing with you. Should you go back into power can you develop Guyana and reduce corruption? Prove it to me.

    Guyana is watching and observing.

  5. man this is so simple….u accuse me of being corrupt…i say..prove it…then when u cant prove it..i take u to court..u done maligned and damaged me up real good and u laffing eh…the laws must change to stop this..the law must give me the right to sue you for billions of dollars and the law must see it my way after you done maligned and damaged my reputation..people will forever have to defend against the ones who have power and a means to maligned…they get sn and kn to act as their conduits..the law must see fit to nail those media outlets to enure they stop this crap.

  6. This holy than holy group are well known opposition or opposition aligned individuals who want to see the back of the current administration. Let them continue to dream. It would have been useful to have such an organisation only if they were independent of any political influence. That is far from the truth as everyone knows. Mr Persaud and his buddies must come clean and be more transparent when making and forwarding tainted information to the parent body. Obviously, he can’t as he has a political axe to grind

  7. All the organisation present were politically aligned to the opposition. I am sure Granger and Ramjattan are wondering if election would be a good thing for them now.


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