Opposition Leader lauds success of Lusignan/Good Hope Learning Centre


DSC_1298[www.inewsguyana.com] – Leader of the Opposition, David Granger has applauded Mrs. Sandra Shivdat for the excellent educational work and efficient management of the Lusignan/Good Hope Learning Centre.

Shivdat is the Centre’s founder and director. The Opposition Leader visited the centre and met with residents of the community during a walkabout on Monday, December 08.

Shivdat and her brother, Noel Naraine, established the Centre five years go. According to a media release from the Office of the Opposition Leader, the Centre, despite early challenges, is now a beacon of hope for the educationally disadvantaged and an acknowledged social success for persons in difficult circumstances.

It provides education to nearly 200 children from the neighbouring Lusignan and Good Hope communities on the East Coast of Demerara.

Opposition Leader, David Granger and the Centre’s Founder and Director, Mrs. Sandra Shivdat
Opposition Leader, David Granger and the Centre’s Founder and Director, Mrs. Sandra Shivdat

The Opposition Leader lauded Shivdat’s vison and strong sense of mission. She explained to Granger that the Centre, built entirely by private funds, emphasises literacy and numeracy among school-age children.

Granger took the opportunity to interact with teachers, students and parents and said he was very impressed with the Centre’s work and thanked Shivdat and Narine for their continued commitment and the contribution to the community.


  1. These people have to be crazy. Granger is a very bad influence for those young souls. He with corrupt those tender mind. Its mango season , granger should brab his “sal bag” and go back damn to pick mangoes for is followers, his evil disciples.

  2. Congratulation to you Ms. Sandra Shivdat, Your work is a sign of vindication of what we stand for. There are many haters, that wish bad for Guyana. Some of them calls us “brain dead” etc. You have proven to be Progressive. Together we will build, and modernize Guyana. We know how to work, build, develop, and prosper. I take it for granted that you didn’t give Granger an donation. Granger and the PNC must never be trusted. He still need to tell us about those army guns.


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