‘Thorough probe needed’ – says father of teen who died after being treated for ankle pain

Dead: Rabindra Khagaram
Dead: Rabindra Khagaram

The father of 14-year-old Rabindra Khagaram, who died after being treated for an ankle pain on July 21 at the Suddie Public Hospital has said he will not have closure of his son’s death until someone is held responsible.

The now dead teen was a promising student at the Anna Regina Multilateral School but his relatives are blaming health workers at the Suddie Hospital for his sudden demise.

The father recalled that his son was taken to the medical facility twice on Sunday, July 21 – the day he celebrated his 14th birthday and was seen by two doctors. On his first visit, he was crying out for severe pain in his ankle. A blood test was done as well as an X-ray after which he was given some tablets and injections. He was then sent home.

Upon his return home, the teen went to bed but soon after he developed a breathing problem. Without any hesitation, he was rushed back to the hospital where he was seen by another doctor who gave him another injection and sent him home again.

The father further explained to INews that his son went back to his bed but as his mother went to check on him at about 02:00h the following morning, she discovered that his body was cold and he was not responding. As such, for the third time, the child was taken back to the medical facility in an unconscious state.

After a few hours, the parents received the devastating news that he had succumbed.

The teen was laid to rest after an autopsy proved that he died as a result of septic shock.

The father is now calling for a thorough investigation to be conducted into the real cause of his son’s death.

Days after the young man’s death, Chairman of the Guyana Medical Council, Dr Navindranauth Rambarran related that if a report is made requesting an investigation, only then will the Council also become involved.

“It has not been reported in that regard in the news. If someone, or when a complaint actually arises out of such an incident, the Medical Council can get involved. Any entity that has received the complaint, the institution itself can complain about it, the individual can complain and then by the law, the Medical Council can act on it in receipt of the complaint,” he had told INews.