“There will always be plotting and planning in prisons” – Rohee on recent stabbing

Camp Street Prison

By Kurt Campbell

Camp-Street-Prison[www.inewsguyana.com] – Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee has given his commitment to ensure that the recent fatal stabbing at the Mazaruni prison is thoroughly investigated by prison authorities and measures be taken to ensure the occurrence of such unfortunate situations are nonexistent.

The Minister observed however, that efforts in that regard are ongoing.

“There will always be plotting and planning, grudges against each other internally and all kinds of issues,” Rohee said; adding that he remains focused on ensuring prisons are kept safe.

On Sunday [September 14], remand prisoner24 – year – old Theon Smith was stabbed to death by another inmate, 24 – year – old Akeem Edwards at the Mazaruni Prison.

iNews understands that the two men were involved in an argument which led to the stabbing during a fight. The men reportedly had an ongoing feud which escalated on Sunday.

Meanwhile, in May,  one inmate of the New Amsterdam prison lost several of his fingers and several other inmates were badly injured after a fellow inmate (murder accused) reportedly went berserk and launched an attack on him and three others at the facility.

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee
Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee

To this end, Rohee said several administrative recommendations coming out of an inquiry have been acted upon while other legal recommendations are at the office of the Attorney General for further consideration.

There were other cases of violent attacks among prisoners and uprisings at several prisons across the country.

The Home Affairs Minister reminded of the current strategic plan for the prison system; observing that “reforms don’t happen overnight.”

“Prisoners are prisoners especially the hard core ones… those that are in there for serious crimes whether on remand or sentenced,” Rohee said; adding that “these incidents are most unfortunate whenever it happen,” Rohee said.



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