“There are times to fight & there are times to unite” – Ramson condemns politicising of Team Guyana’s Olympic outfit


Team Guyana today waved the Golden Arrowhead with grace, joy and pride at the opening Olympic Ceremony in Tokyo.

However, the colours that the local contingent donned sparked much debate on social media – with persons from the APNU+AFC politicising the matter.

In response, Minister of Culture Youth and Sports Charles Ramson Jr has urged the citizens of Guyana to celebrate the achievements of the country’s young athletes who made it to the world stage.

Addressing the issue at hand, the Minister relayed that the Ministry had no influence on the design of the outfit. He noted that the Guyana Olympic Association was solely responsible for the style and he was advised that all of national colours were utilised.

“I have seen comments critical of the colours of the uniform of the Guyana Olympic team and spurious allegations directed towards the Ministry for attempting to politicise the uniform in party colours. First, allow me to remind everyone that this is a time to celebrate the achievements of our young Guyanese who made it to the world stage to shine the spotlight on our beautiful country. For those young Guyanese Olympians, this is the fulfilment of one of their lifelong dreams. Are we really going to allow our petty political allegiance to diminish their deserving moment of glorious achievement? Are we that selfish?”

“There are times to fight and there are times to unite. Internally we may have our differences, but on the world stage we must always remember ‘We Are One Guyana’. Never forget that!”

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Charles Ramson Jr

Ramson Jr also added: “It is important to note too that the discontent now being expressed by some persons from the political arena were noticeably absent when “green and yellow” became the order of the day. It may very well be that this is the reason why this discussion may have taken place in the first place. Nonetheless, the public can be assured that the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport will never seek to direct that uniforms, state buildings or state paraphernalia be dominated by any political party colours. Guyana and Guyanese, it is our time to shine – shine bright – shine as one!”

On Saturday at 06:06hrs, Keevin Allicock is next up, with his bout against the Dominican Republic’s Alexy de la Cruz.

On July 27, Andrew Fowler will take to the pool. Competing at the Tokyo Aquatic Centre, the swimmer will be part of the second heat in the Men’s 100M freestyle at 06.06hrs local time. On Thursday, July 29th, the younger of the Abrams sisters, Jasmine, will come up against some of the fastest women in the world in the Women’s 100m sprint. The following day, Guyana’s youngest ever Olympian, 15-year-old Aleka Persaud, will hit the pool for the Women’s 50m freestyle swim. Later that day, Emanuel Archibald will gear up for the Men’s 100M sprint. The final athlete to compete for Guyana will be Aliyah Abrams. Her event – the Women’s 400m race – will be held on Monday August 2.