‘There are no arsonists among us’ – President says at re- opening of burnt Region 10 Freedom House


[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) on Saturday (January 25) reaffirmed its commitment and support for the people and development of Region 10 with the re-commissioning of its headquarters (Freedom House) which was destroyed by arsonists in July, 2012.

IMG_00000772Party Leaders reminded of an era when the PPP’s existence in Region 10 was doubted and said the re-commissioning of the building was a direct result of what they say is a growing support base.

President Donald Ramotar while addressing the gathering of Region 10 residents, predominantly PPP supporters, said the opening of the office is just the beginning of Government’s efforts to rebuild the mining town from the unrest which devastated residents and destroyed critical infrastructure in July, 2012.

Hundreds of persons residing in the region had succeeded in shutting down the town for almost a month in protest against moves to integrate the town’s electricity supply into the national grid. This resulted in the burning of schools, roads, private property and freedom house.

“There are no arsonists among us that burn schools and hospitals” President Ramotar said, adding that “we build we don’t burn.”

The Head of State told the gathering that that the rebuilding of the town, including the One Mile Primary School may have been delayed, but it will be done by his administration.gggggg

According to him, there is however a callus opposition who has no regard for Government’s efforts in improving the quality of lives for all Guyanese. President Ramotar said while the opposition is claiming that the administration discriminates in its support for Linden because it has proven to be an opposition ‘strong hold’, it cannot be proven.

“This I pledge to you, for as long as I am President I will work for all the people of Guyana,” the President stated.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, who hails from Linden recalled how difficult it was for the PPP to exist and have a presence in Region 10 in the 1990.

There was much talk of a growing support base for the PPP in Region 10 at today’s event, though the party has never managed to win the region electorally.

According to PM Hinds, it is never good for one group to dominate an area while underscoring the importance of further democratization and diversification of the region. He believes the fundamental problem however is the absence of the will to adjust to change.

He said the PPP Administration did not inherit a perfect system when it took office in 1992 but maintained that the PPP has never withheld support for Linden.

Following the unrest in 2012, the Government had committed to allowing the electricity system to remain as it was while a Technical, Social and Economic committees examine the situation.

According to the PM, these committees are not barren; he said work has stalled because of failure to meet consensus on chairs for the committees which must be selected by the Opposition Leader and the President. 

The Prime Minister maintains that the subsidized electricity which Lindeners have enjoyed for years must be normalized. He explained that the strain on the national budget to subsidize the region’s electricity is increasing.

Supporters were also urged to remain resilient in face of the pressure.




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