“The police have to take action not me” – President Ramotar refuses to sack Nandlall

President Donald Ramotar and Attorney General, Anil Nandlall converse during the recent opening of the National Toshaos Conference.


By Kurt Campbell

President Donald Ramotar and Attorney General, Anil Nandlall converse during the opening of the National Toshaos Conference today.
President Donald Ramotar and Attorney General, Anil Nandlall converse during the opening of the National Toshaos Conference today.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – President Donald Ramotar has made it clear that he will take no action against his Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, who the political opposition has called for his resignation following public revelations of a recorded expletive riddled and threatening conversation he had with a senior journalist of the Kaieteur News.

Speaking to iNews this morning [Wednesday, October 29], the Head of State said “the police have to take action, not me” when asked about his intended course of action.

President Ramotar has completely ignored the contents of the conversation, which also implicates him, and defended the Attorney General; saying “clearly what was done to the Attorney General was an illegal act… to record him without telling him.”

The President said Nandlall was not speaking for the public; adding that the laws of the country must be respected in this case.

“He was illegally taped,” the President repeated; adding that “you seem to be missing the point, what was done is illegal, that’s the first thing that we must deal with.”

The government, hours after the tape went public, came to Nandlall’s defence; attacking the daily newspaper – Kaieteur News – whose publisher Glenn Lall and staff the alleged threats were made against.

The government in a statement late Monday evening said the conversation was manipulated and distorted by the National Newspaper.

When asked why the government took this position without first verifying the authenticity of the recording, Ramotar responded: “manipulated because it was taken out of context… what is being done is to take everything out of context, that’s what we are talking about, manipulation.”

He made it clear that the government did not mean to say that the recorded conversation, which has since been handed over to the police, has been ‘doctored’ but is simply not contextual.

Meanwhile, Nandlall who has not denied it was him in the recorded conversation, refused reporters a comment today. He said a statement will be issued later in the day.

The police are yet to comment on their investigation into the matter that has attracted much public outrage.






  1. gentlemen can’t we see? right and wrong is defined not by what was/is done but by who does them. this is Guyana as it is now. Who condone this ? The Guyanese, we accept this standard and then we asked why are treated this way by other nations.

  2. i don’t understand how the police and the laws work in my own country .some1 said I treaten them via cellphone and the police came to my office under instruction from Mr.Watts and demanded me to the station and when i refused because the had no warrant for me the officers inform me the will send for a welding torch to open the grill of my office door to take me to the station. the police had no recording of the conversation of threats the said I had made via voice nor t 1-text message .however I was still taken to the station and placed on 15000 dollars bail ,where at the station also an officer beckles broke my ipod snatch my bag away and went through it without a search warrart and seized my2 blackberry phone s.i had to demanded the # the said was making the mischief<the police did not even had a document from gtt or digcel that stated that the sim card was registered to me.my point is it appears to me that the laws r used differently for different citizens of this countr y.Because to date have no seen any minister nor politcians dragged to the station based on allegations made ranging from thieft ,sexuall assulat ,bribery,fraudulent coversion etc.Not proud at all to be GUYANESE AND IM NOT SURPRISED THAT OTHER CARRIBEAN COUNTIRES DONT LIKE US

  3. Old man Rubbert dem two pncites u talking bout representing people like u in parliament..should they be there? if u say yep then u condone criminals and criminality because thats what they are..raja rite to exposed dem for the criminals they are

  4. GEORGETOWN, Guyana — An Irish teenager has been charged with threatening to shoot and kill the president of Guyana during what his lawyer says was an alcohol-fueled conversation with two bodyguards of the South American country’s leader.

    Emile, here is what happened. In another country this kid will rot in jail. Start telling some truth. The AG had a casual conversation and the Senior reporter was also using the F-Bomb!

  5. These leaders in Guyana are nothing but Power Drunk and Lawless. They are working hard to fail a Nation. Even now, according to the chief legal officer; some Guyanese Indians are better than other Guyanese Indians. The racism is now inherent.

  6. On this matter it is very instructive that the President of Guyana is focusing on the fact that… “He (Anil) was illegally taped,” and that “you (the public) seem to be missing the point, what was done is illegal, (and) that’s the first thing that we must deal with.

    I ask you Mr President, if the voice was that of another citizen who had the gall to admit that it was his voice, and rather that Glenn Lall being the subject, the name was Donald Ramotar, Samuel Hinds or Roger Luncheon, would you have responded in the same manner? I don’t think so.

    As a private citizen, I would not tolerate anyone making such comments about you or the other two. So why should Glenn Lall be any different? We should all be subscribing to the rule of law or we risk having Guyana’s version of Chavez and Bouterse, its not too far fetch.

  7. Question for you:
    were your brains sleeping then?
    only now you can ask this question?
    how many years went by?
    Remember Burnham says his steel is sharper, why did you not ask him to resign?

  8. If that recording was done of someone threatening to shoot up Ramotar or Nandlall’s office, I will wager anything that neither targets would be hollering how the recording was illegal, even if the person doing the recording did not inform the person making the threat. One guy simply told a certain minister that the PPP will lose the next elections and the minister had the guy arrested. No threats were made!

    And to think that folks thought Ramotar was the agent of change in 2011!!! This guy is proving everyday that he may not have cut or benefited from secret deals, but the biggest benefit he has gotten is a job he does not deserve. Jagdeo is at the bow and Ramotar is at the stern of the sinking Cup!

  9. anyone care what is legal or illegal…does opposition care that its illegal..you PPPites ent getting it…if what was done was illegal then why is Lall and his reporter not sitting in the stinking filthy lock up and be charged..


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