President says it will be foolish of him to set a date for LGE now

President Donald Ramotar.

By Kurt Campbell

President Donald Ramotar.
President Donald Ramotar.

[] – President Donald Ramotar has sunken the main political opposition – A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) – optimism of setting a date for the holding of the long overdue Local Government Elections (LGE).

This morning, the President told a room of over 200 Amerindian Leaders that it would be foolish of him to instruct his Minister to announce a date for LGE now.

He reminded of the pending No Confidence Motion against his administration, which once successfully passed, could trigger National Elections; pointing out too that both parliamentary political Parties, which together hold a majority in the National Assembly, have signaled their intention to support its passage.

“I will be rightly ridiculed by any right thinking person if faced with such a situation my Minister is to announce a date for local government elections,” he said.

He received a resounding applause when he told the gathering “we are not afraid of local government elections, we will win whenever they are held.”

According to the Guyanese Head of State, the problem is “that local government elections from 1994 were impeded by the Opposition up to 2010.

He said the political opposition voted year after year to postpone LGE and now that the arithmetic has changed in the House, where they hold a majority, they are pushing for it.

Yesterday, Opposition Leader, David Granger said he believes that his weekly protests in front the Office of the President is bearing fruit as he expressed his optimism that Ramotar will set a date for LGE in the first quarter of 2015.

Granger spoke of the recent meetings his Party and the President; noting that while President Ramotar has not committed to a date as yet, he is more prepared to name a date.

“I do believe that the government is more prepared now than before to name a date and we’re looking forward to such a date. I think there are consultations with the Guyana Elections Commission and there is some understanding that once the logistics are in place, we will have Local Government Elections,” Granger told iNews.

The Opposition Leader reiterated that the President will not postpone the elections for much longer.

“I do interpret from what he has said; he is not inclined to postpone the Local Government Elections much further. I am confident; we will get Local Government Elections hopefully by the first quarter of next year.”

He explained that if the pending No Confidence Motion is passed in the National Assembly, then there is no question that the General and Regional Elections will take priority.




  1. it wasnt prayer that made your pnc fall and fall they did..get the votes..votes will tumble ppp but still wont put your pnc back in power to ban food from people..u see how much food ppp give u to keep u alive so u can pray for ppp to fall..wen u find god u mus leh me know ok..i want a word with your god so as to tell your god that your god could wipe pnc the blight from guyana so guyanese can breath

  2. I Do not expect anything less from you Gray. With that being said, make no mistakes the prayer warriors out there praying every day for the fall of the PPP/C will remain steadfast in in their resolve to have God intercede on their behalf. Mr. Ramotar, God answers prayers. I proclaim it, and believe it, and I am seeing it come to pass.

  3. ah wonda if is your god holding your hands to type your crap..leff god outa dis nuh clown..looks like lall ah yuh daady..he ah talk ..u ah talk bout corruption but not one of u clowns cant prove it

  4. Mr. Lall will be vindicated. Mr. Ramotar, you are a disgrace to this Nation. Please remember this Mr. Ramotar, God Don’t Sleep. Often when things happen to us we want justice right away. It don’t always happen that way, sometimes you have to wait years for that justice. Make no mistake however, that justice will come Mr. Ramotar for the people of Guyana. There are two many prayer warriors praying for Guyana and the Fall of the corrupt PPP/C that it must happen. Read your bible, god gives victory over bad people always.

  5. Mr Lall is an alleged tax evader.
    There is a saying:
    ‘Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’
    We now see all the friends of Mr Lall.
    Incidentally, they are all in the Opposition.
    Mr Lall seems to have friends in high places.
    Are they fighting tooth and nail for a person who allegedly cheats the country?
    I suspect they are peddling their own agenda using him as a tool?
    Time will tell.

  6. ah keep telling yall that the combined opposition are dunces and they dont know what they want to do with their one seat majority combined// they trpping over each other for power..they dont even trust each hog every thing leaving po naga out in de wilderness right where he belonged…PNC will need Nagamoottoo now more than ever…but told de world he dont trust Naga to be speaker..Naga dem really cant read between de PNC lines…PNC really saying they dont trust no Collie with that kind of authority..


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