Teixeira, Anamayah resign as MPs


Members of Parliament, Gail Texieira and Adrian Anamayah have resigned as members of the National Assembly.

This was announced by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, who also noted that Odinga Lumumba is expected to follow suit shortly.

The parliamentarians have resigned in keeping with the Constitution of Guyana which dictates that persons with dual citizenship cannot be eligible to serve as a Member of Parliament.

While Jagdeo expressed regret that Texeira had to take this step after so long in public office, he noted that she will be relinquishing her citizenship and so will be on the next candidate list.

Lumumba is also expected to give up his foreign citizenship status.

Anamayah, on the other hand, has decided to keep his foreign citizenship due to personal commitments.

In the meantime, Jagdeo criticised the government for flip-flopping on the resignations of their dual citizens MPs.

From press reports, only Dr Rupert Roopnaraine has claimed that he resigned. But Jagdeo contended that Dr Roopnaraine is still going on outreaches as a minister of the government, which is in violation of the Guyana Constitution.

Article 183 of the Constitution says “the office of any Minister shall become vacant if that person ceases to be a member of the National Assembly for any cause other than the dissolution of Parliament.”



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