Teenager hospitalised after mistakenly drinking acid

Georgetown Public Hospital
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation

An 18-year-old is currently hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) after she reportedly drank acetic acid by mistake.

The incident occurred on Saturday in a stall at the Merriam Mall, Bourda, where Danielle Haley, a resident of the Joshua House, usually assist the owner with her craft business.

According to the stall owner, Angela Robertson, she was at her business place with Haley, when the teenager asked her for some water as she was thirsty. The young woman subsequently picked up a light blue plastic bottle that was on a counter top and drank some of its contents, which happened to be acetic acid.

Haley was immediately rushed to the GPHC, where she received medical attention and has been admitted a patient at the female medical ward. The matter was reported to the Police by the businesswoman and investigators have since questioned several persons.

Moreover, the Police said the teenager was unable to give her statement. Nevertheless, further investigations are in progress.



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