Fire leaves Essequibo couple homeless

The aftermath of the fire


A fire suspected to be electrical in origin has destroyed a house at Maria’s Lodge Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast on Saturday. At the time of the fire, the owner Farouk Khan was out with his family.

The aftermath of the fire

Based on reports received, Khan who operates a trucking service was at the Charity Stelling when he received a telephone call informing him that his house was on fire. His son, Javid Khan who lives two houses away from his father reportedly saw smoke emanating from his parents’ house and rushed to the scene.

He had to break the locks to the door in order to get access to the house with the intention of salvaging household items but the entire upper flat was engulfed in flames.  The Guyana Fire Service was summoned but by the time they arrived at the scene, the house was already destroyed.

The elderly man told the Guyana Times that all his children moved out and it was him and his wife who lived in the house. He noted that he took all his savings to build a home that he and his wife can be comfortable. He estimated his losses to be in the millions. As of now, he is expected to seek refuge at one of this son’s home.

According the Guyana Fire Service, the fire was electrical in origin. It was only recently the power company changed the cycle from 50 to 60 and ever since, the residents have been complaining of electrical problems.



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