Suriname, Guyana convene Bi – National meeting


DSC04963The Ministry of Health today convened its first Bi – National meeting for collaboration on Health with Suriname.

The meeting is aimed at discussing health and wellness matters related to migrant and mobile populations of Guyana and Suriname and will also see the two countries developing a framework for Bi-National collaboration and discussing priority health issues of both countries.

At the opening of the meeting this morning at the International Conference Center, Prime Minister of Guyana, Samuel Hinds said the meeting emphasizes cross border contact between the two countries, as he noted that there is much Guyana can learn from Suriname.

The Health Ministry is also hoping to include countries such as Trinidad, French Guiana and Brazil in meetings of this nature in the future.

Additionally, Suriname’s Minister of Health Dr. Michel Blokland in his remarks noted that Guyana and Suriname have many challenges with regards to health.

Dr. Blokland said over the next two days they will find themselves sharing common experiences and finding options on how they could strengthen their countries’ health systems.

The Bi-National meeting originated from a bid by the Ministries of Health and Suriname and the recommendations of two consultancies completed under the PANCAP/GIZ migrant project. [Akash Ramlackhan]