UG VC responds to corruption revelation

UG's Vice Chancellor, Dr. Jacob Opadeyi.

The Vice Chancellor [VC] of the University of Guyana [UG], Dr. Jacob Opadeyi has denounced an article carried by this news site, which revealed a major corruption ring that was discovered at the University.

In a statement issued today, the VC rejected the article. He said, “This is an unfortunate turn of events for the media, and indeed the University of Guyana, that is currently grappling with a number of challenges that have become highly public both in Guyana and abroad. While it is commendable that UG has been receiving heightened media coverage in the last few weeks, the lack of first hand information and verification has created much unwarranted unease among major stakeholders of the university.”

Dr. Opadeyi also called for this news site to retract the article and to issue an apology.

On Thursday, July 11, iNews reported that a special audit team from the University of the West Indies (UWI) has unearthed a major corruption ring within the University, implicating senior functionaries and staff of the institution.

The audit team was invited to conduct investigations into the finances of the UG by the recently appointed Vice Chancellor (VC), Dr. Jacob Opadeyi.

In response to queries by iNews through an email, Dr. Opadeyi confirmed that the audit team is still conducting its investigations and that a report is due to be submitted in September.

iNews understands that the audit team discovered major sales of examination papers on the campus along with the misuse of funds within the institution. According to reports, the audit team found that monies which were allocated to the UG was instead diverted and used for other purposes.

Based on the reliable information which this news site received, iNews stands by its initial article.

The UG is currently cash strapped and is on the brink of collapse. Only recently the University’s Senior Staff Association staged several protest action over their wages and salaries and expressed their disappointment in what they described as the “poor performance” of the new VC.

The association made it clear that they are not happy with the new VC.