Sugar workers agitated over non-payment of wages- GAWU


Workers across the sugar industry were most distressed to learn this morning (September 15, 2017) that they would not be paid their weekly wages today (Friday). The situation is of graver concern since the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo) advised that it could not commit itself as to when the workers earnings would be released to them.

This is according to the Guyana Agricultural & General Workers Union (GAWU) who said that the cash flow position of the Corporation is related to the poor level of sugar production.

“For the crop only 27,980 tonnes sugar was produced as at September 14, 2017 rather than the set target of about 46,000 tonnes at this time. The main reason for the lagging production is the delay in the commencement of the crop at Skeldon Estate which commenced operations on September 13, 2017 while sugar production at Enmore Estate expectedly will commence on September 21, 2017.”

Moreover GAWU said that “another source from GuySuCo revealed that Enmore’s factory turbine which was sent abroad for repairs was not promptly shipped to Guyana after the repair works were completed since GuySuCo was considering abandoning the harvest of the crop in keeping with the Government’s agenda to close the Estate in December, this year.”

GAWU holds the position that this development will surely serve to aggravate the situation in the industry which is far from satisfactory to its employees.

“Payment of wages for work done is crucial to workers; it is a matter of their survival. It is hoped that GuySuCo will not allow this bad, anti-worker situation to fester. GuySuCo should realize this and treat this matter with utmost urgency and give it priority consideration” said the workers Union.



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