Subtitles, sign languages required on newscasts for deaf viewers – Broadcasting Authority


The Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) is urging operators of television stations to cater for persons with hearing disabilities, by ensuring that newscasts or special programmes feature sign language interpreters or subtitles.

In a statement Thursday, the GNBA reminded that the Persons with Disabilities Act 2012, Chapter 36:05 Sec 26 (1), (2) stipulate that the person in charge of every national television station shall provide a sign language inset or subtitles in at least one newscast programme daily and special programmes covering events of national significance.

The Act states that any person who fails to comply commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of one hundred thousand dollars and to imprisonment for six months.

“The Authority continues to work diligently towards the development and transformation of the broadcasting sector. In so doing, the Authority believes it is necessary that broadcast content be accessible to those with hearing impairments,” the Broadcasting Authority noted.

As such, the GNBA will be rolling out a policy which is intended to create a level playing field through equal access to information and/or broadcast content on radio and television.

“Thus, this policy intends to create a framework that will assist broadcasters in the execution of their legal and social obligations,” the Authority stated.




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